Loss of Libido Treatment in Gurgaon

Loss of Libido Treatment in Gurgaon

Loss of Libido Treatment in Gurgaon

What is low libido?

Libido is a desire or drives for sex. Low libido is a problem that is found in both men and women, which can be explained as a lack of desire for sex or a lowered sex drive.

While there are no permissible limits that define a drive as high or low, you will know when low libido becomes an issue as it starts affecting the overall relationship with your partner.

Common Causes of Low Libido and No Sex Drive in Men
Loss of Libido Treatment in Gurgaon

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Various symptoms can signify a low libido; the most common among these include:

  • No sexual thoughts and fantasies.
  • Disinterest in activities of sexual nature, including caressing, fondling and foreplay, and even masturbation.
  • Concern over the lack of sexual drive.

What are the main causes?

There can be various causes that contribute towards a lowered libido. These can be classified into the following types:

  • Age – Naturally, the sex drive is impacted with advancing age as hormonal changes occur in both men and women with a drop in the sex hormone levels. Similarly, other problems affecting both genders include restricted mobility, health issues, and age-related conditions.
  • Sexual issues – These can be present in both males and females and can come in the way of the sex drive. These conditions may include erectile dysfunction, abnormal vaginal conditions, inability to climax or orgasm, or pain during sex.
  • Relationship issues – Problems between partners can often lead to a lack of interest in sex and lowered drive between them. Trust, communication, and familiarity are some issues that tend to crop up and can affect sex life significantly.
  • Emotional and psychological issues – Conditions like stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety can impact the state of mind and lower the libido and the desire for physical intimacy.
  • Health issues – Physical ailments can have a certain impact on the libido. Heart problems, cancer, thyroid, and diabetes are just some ailments that can lower the libido and impact sex life.
  • Medication and therapy – Any form of medication, therapy, or even addiction to drugs and alcohol can alter the libido and lower the sex drive.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

The beginning of diagnosis is when an individual begins to feel a growing concern at the lack of sexual energy or desire. When this starts to become a concern, the primary diagnosis is often complete.

Doctors usually screen for health conditions and medication and also look at the emotional and mental state of the individual before trying to ascertain the root cause. Since this is a complicated condition, arriving at a single root cause can be somewhat tricky.

Treatment often depends on the cause of low libido. Doctors usually recommend modified or healthy lifestyle choices that may include improved diet plans, more exercise, regular sleep, and stress management. Relationship counseling and couple therapy may be recommended to get to the root of unresolved issues.

Deaddiction may also be suggested. Hormone therapy in some cases may be required where sex hormones are significantly low. In several cases, a change in medication may be suggested to reduce the side effects and restore libido.

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