Dr. Monga Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi offers a wide range of sexual health testing and treatment such as (Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido, Male and Female Infertility) across various locations in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon. Sexual Health Clinic provides services at an ever-expanding range of test centers in New Delhi, Gurgram, Faridabad, Greater Noida. These include our well-established medical practices situated right at Delhi’s very heart in Rajouri Garden, Lajpat Nagar, and Gurgaon/ Gurugram All our Delhi centers are conveniently accessible to you by car, bus, or through using Delhi’s municipal train lines.

Sexual Health Treatment in Delhi

At Dr. Monga Sexual Health Clinic we understand that having a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) can be difficult. Our dedicated team of health practitioners in Delhi is available to help you find out the status of your sexual health accordingly. We provide outstanding STI PCOS. PCOD, ED, PE, Loss of Libido Treatment, and testing services in Delhi are not only fast, reliable but also discreet and at your convenience.

The process for having your test is easy. Our health practitioner will only collect a small sample of blood or urine, or take a swab, and our laboratory team will take care of the rest. The type of sample that our health practitioner requires will vary depending upon the type of test that you have chosen. The results of your sexual health test will be provided to you very soon after our laboratory team has analyzed your sample. Should you receive a result that is positive for infection, do not worry. Dr. Monga Sexual Health Clinic can advise you and can also refer you to a partner specialist for expert treatment and care.

Problems We Treat :

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms of Painful Sexual Intercourse

Symptoms of Chlamydia Treatment

Symptoms of Syphilis Treatment

Symptoms of Herpes Treatment

Symptoms of Female Infertility

The main symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant. A menstrual cycle that’s too long (35 days or more), too short (less than 21 days), irregular or absent can mean that you’re not ovulating. There might be no other signs or symptoms.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

Symptoms of Loss of Libido

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Symptoms of HIV

Best Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi

Dr. Monga Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi is known for its effective treatment through ethical Ayurveda, modern medicine, counseling, exercises, and Food Logs. 70 years of practicing ethical Ayurveda and modern medicines for the most effective relief. Happy to have treated more than 6.5 Lakh Patients with an overwhelming success rate. We stay with you throughout your treatment with regular follow-ups.

Sexual Health Clinic in Delhi

To Get the Best Sexual Problem Treatment in Delhi NCR Region You can Contact Dr. Yuvraj Monga awarded as one of the best sexual problem treatment in India. o Book Appointment Call : 8010977000, 9999219128, 8010931122