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HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP) treatment is given to persons who get exposed to HIV infection within 72 hours of possible exposure. PEP for HIV is the only

lifesaving means for cases exposed to HIV by any means, occupational or non- occupational exposure/ channels including activities like, sexual intercourse with any anonymous, sex worker, at massage parlor, with homosexual, impure blood transfusion, blood contamination during road, bus or any accident, needle prick or any instrument prick during instrumentation (dental or any other surgical process), skin, mucous membrane exposure during playing in playgrounds and also in case of sexual assaults.

If anyone exposed to HIV virus, delay the treatment due to any reason, can result in HIV positive results, lead to the development of AIDS with time. Common symptoms like headache, regular fever, sore throat, body ache, painful and bleeding gums, swelling in the lymph nodes, rashes, night sweats, weight loss, mouth ulcers, etc. could be seen, and are the signs and symptoms of HIV. But it is not necessary that a person who is HIV positive will have all these symptoms. Only two or three symptoms may benoticeable there and most of the times, such symptoms are mistaken for cold, flu or any other curable viral infection.

HIV Doctor in Uttar Pradesh

The deadly virus HIV enters the human body and then crosses the blood barrier, then blood cells, mainly the defense cells are affected and formation of new defense cells and the immune system gets damaged leading to the collapse of defense mechanism of body. Thus, the body becomes severely prone to various infections due to the collapse of immune system and the life span is reduced. When a person becomes HIV positive, the treatment and the course of medicines are continued for life to provide a system that enables the body to survive the conditions and the surrounding or attacked infections.
HIV Doctor | HIV Helpline phone Number in Uttar Pradesh is available at Dr. Monga’s SAFE HANDS, the golden treatment in such cases when a person is exposed to HIV infection, this treatment is started within 72 hours that protects from becoming HIV positive after immediate exposure to HIV virus. By any means when a person gets exposed to HIV virus, within 72 hours if this treatment (PEP HIV treatment) is started, a life from becoming HIV positive can be saved. HIV Doctor | HIV Helpline phone Number in Uttar Pradesh Dr. Monga is readily available at his center. PEP therapy includes the set of anti-viral drugs for a period of 28-30 days, assessment, patient counselling and regular follow ups. This treatment has 98% success rate theoretically and practically.

Dr. Monga is a specialized doctor for HIV and PEP treatment in Uttar Pradesh & HIV Doctor | HIV Helpline phone Number in Uttar Pradesh. His clinic SAFE HANDS is a specialized center for the treatment of HIV, PEP treatment for HIV in Uttar Pradesh. The organization works for the betterment of society and help people to get rid of this deadly virus. Dr. Monga and his team listen to your queries carefully; provide the complete counselling and assurance making it easy for patients to follow the treatment protocols. Thousands of patients have been treated by Dr. Monga for HIV, and PEP for HIV treatment in Uttar Pradesh. His positive approach and dedication has saved thousands of people from this deadly virus. If you are looking for PEP treatment in Uttar Pradesh, PEP specialist in Uttar Pradesh, PEP for HIV treatment in Uttar Pradesh, PEP therapy HIV Doctor in Uttar Pradesh Islands call us directly- +91-8010977000


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