PEP treatment in South Delhi | Pep Treatment for HIV

PEP treatment in South Delhi | Pep Treatment for HIV

Do you have a risk of getting HIV or have come in contact with the HIV virus that will lead to aids? If yes, it is important to know about PEP Treatment. PEP is a post-exposure prophylaxis medicine that is taken once an individual is in contact with HIV. As per doctors, it is recommended to take this medicine within 72 hours of infection for better results. If the medicine is taken after 3 days of infection, it has no to little effect. Therefore, consult a doctor who can help to diagnose the HIV infection and suggest the right treatment from the available options in medical science. |PEP treatment in South Delhi | Pep Treatment for HIV

PEP Treatment is highly recommended to people who think they have been exposed to HIV during sex, drug users who share needle or related items, people who are sexually assaulted or health care workers who are exposed to HIV on the job. As per HIV expert doctors, PEP help to fight the viruses and is a combination of three drugs that should be taken once or twice a day for 28 days. For women, who are in early pregnancy or sexually assaulted should take raltegravir rather than dolutegravir due to associated risks.

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For adults recommended using tenofovir, emtricitabine and third drug as suggested by the doctor after analysis of the HIV infection. Children above 2 usually get the same drug with different doses as suggested by HIV specialists. For this, a doctor takes a sample of blood and diagnoses the other sexually transmitted diseases and provides HIV test to start timely PEP Treatment is required to fight against this virus. For patients who are on PEP, it is recommended to use protection while managing relationships with a partner and avoid the risk of transmitting this virus. pep doctor in delhi

If you are receiving PEP Treatment, your doctor will provide a complete guide on care to take before and after the treatment. For a successful treatment, it is important to take medicines timely, consult a doctor if you notice any side-effect and take the help of family and doctor for quick recovery. Go for regular blood tests and use protection to make physical relationships with a partner.  

PEP treatment in South Delhi | Pep Treatment for HIV


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