Find best male & female urologist in gurgaon

Best Male Urologist In Gurgaon

There is plenty of Best Male Urologist In Gurgaon & Female Ayurvedic urologist in Gurgaon– but it is very difficult to find the best possible service. Below we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Male Urologist In Gurgaon.

Top 5 Best Male & Female Urologist doctor In Gurgaon – Dr monga medic Clinic Gurgaon

Dr monga clinic’s Department Of Urology Has The Best Urologists and Urological Surgeons. Schedule an Appointment with a Leading Urologist at Dr. Monga’s clinic/hospital. Well-Experienced Doctor. Experienced specialists. Advanced machinery. Well-equipped Infra

Male Urologist doctor In Gurgaon

Dr Yuvraj Arora monga
Experience: 20+ Years

Best Urologist In Gurugram, Urology Doctor Near Me

Dr Hitendra

Dr Hitendra

Experience: 15+ Years

Best Urologist In Gurgaon, Harayana

Dr. Amit Anand
Experience: 10+ Years

Female Urologist doctor In Gurgaon

Dr Jyoti Arora

Dr Jyoti Arora Monga
Experience: 25+ Years

Ayurvedic Female Urologist doctor In Gurgaon

Dr Nidhi Deshmukh

Dr. Nidhi Deshmukh
Experience: 15+ Years

Best Female Urologist doctor In gurugram

Dr Manisha Rani

Dr. Manisha Rani
Experience: 15+ Years

Where can I find the best urologist in Gurgaon?

Credihealth has a network of the best urologists in Delhi. In addition to choosing a good doctor, the medical expert will also support in booking appointments, comparing treatment costs for surgery procedures from reputed hospitals in Delhi, support in managing other hospital processes.

How many doctors are available in DLF Gurgaon for urology?

6 doctors available in Gurgaon Book appointments with minimum wait-time & verified doctor details View Profile Dr. Yuvraj Urologist 20+ years experience overall Gurgaon, Delhi Healing Hands PG Gynaecology & Urology Center ₹ 800. Consultation fee at clinic 94% 254 Patient Stories Available Tomorrow Book Appointment No Booking Fee Video Consult

What is a urologist?

The specialization that deals with the study of such cases are known as Urology. Urologists perform a wide range of procedures to diagnose diseases related to the renal and reproductive systems in men and women.

How is Dr. Monga’s clinic/hospital in DLF Gurgaon for urology?

Dr monga clinic/hospital in Lajpat Nagar/Gurgaon/Rajouri Garden/Noida is a tertiary care center located in Delhi. It has been a well-renowned healthcare institute for the past five decades. It has been a pioneer institute for many medical and surgical procedures in India. The department of urology is well-equipped to manage all types of patients presenting with urinary troubles.

Urologist – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1- What is probably inflicting my symptoms?

Ans- If you’ve got got an inkling of what may also inflict your symptoms, make sure to inform the physician. He or she can be capable of ruling out a number of suspicions. And if you’re furnished the maximum not unusual place motive of your symptoms, however, that doesn’t appear possible to you, make sure to follow up with “What else is probably inflicting my symptoms?”

Q 2- Can you inform me in particular what my analysis is?

Ans- Ask for as precise analysis as possible. What do you do next? Are there any choices? If in addition assessments or remedies are wished, you must usually ask why they may be wished and what different options exist.

Q 3- Do I want to be screened for prostate most cancers?

Ans- The American Urological Association recommends every year screenings for guys elderly 50 – seventy-five years. This consists of a prostate-precise antigen (PSA) blood screening and a virtual rectal exam. Men with their own circle of relatives have records of prostate cancer and African-American guys are cautioned to start screenings at age 40.

Q 4- Why is my sexual force decreasing than normal?

The physician may also behave a morning take a look at your testosterone levels. If it’s miles normal, maximum urologists do now no longer advise extra doses of testosterone. Erectile disorder at a younger age (beneath neath 50) can be because of trauma, vascular issues, or sicknesses like diabetes or hypertension.

Q 5- Why do I sense the urge to urinate extra regularly?

The urge to urinate generally starts to arise extra regularly as guys get older. Caffeine and alcohol could make the trouble worse with the aid of using stopping the kidneys from reabsorbing the water one wishes to pee.

Q 6- Why does it take a long term to urinate?

Many prostate-associated urinary issues are the end result of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate which is placing strain on the urethra, lowering the glide of urine. Medications can help, however, in intense instances, invasive interventions can be wished.

Q 7- Why do I actually have an uncommon pain/discomfort/swelling/lump in my genital area?

Ans- Don’t be embarrassed approximately asking questions like these. They can be warning signs of a urological situation that want to be treated.

Q 8- Is my semen normal?

Normal semen is thick and white. The consistency would possibly vary. Persistent blood withinside the semen is known as hematospermia and might imply a prostate issue. If your ejaculate is painful or has an odor, it can suggest an infection.

Q 9- Can a person wreck his penis?

A penile fracture happens when the fibrous connective tissue around it “breaks” all through intercourse. There’s generally a totally loud, painful snap accompanied by the aid of using detumescence (while the erection subsides). The end result is bruising and swelling, and it’s miles taken into consideration as a surgical emergency.

Q 10 – What is your reveal in this form of most cancers?

If you’ve got got a shown analysis of prostate or testicular cancers you want to ask: What is your stage of revel in, and are you board licensed in this specific area?
You want to have the first-rate remedy for first-rate outcomes, exceptional life, and the threat of survival. Make certain the urologist you pick is up to date at state-of-the-art generation and procedures.


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