Symptoms and Types of Breast Cancer

Symptoms and Types of Breast Cancer

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

There are many types of symptoms felt when there is breast cancer, but sometimes there are some patients in whom no signs are seen. If we talk about some common breast cancer symptoms, then a person suffering from this disease lumps in the breast or armpit, changes in the skin of the breast, and pain is felt in the nipple.  

early warning of breast cancer 

Some of the common breast cancer symptoms are given below-

1. Lumps in the breast and underarms- The formation of such a lump in the breast and underarm of a person that does not heal, is considered the first symptom of breast cancer. If you feel this way, consult a doctor because doctors can easily see this cancerous lump on a mammogram. 

2. Swelling in the underarm and collarbone- In this condition of breast cancer, cancer starts spreading and reaches the lymph nodes. This symptom can be recognized by common swelling in the underarm and collarbone. 

3. Pain and Pricking- Some people may feel prickling and pain in the breast in case of breast cancer. This is also one of the common symptoms of breast cancer.

4. Jagged marks on breast area- In breast cancer, a jagged mark appears on the breast, these symptoms appear due to tumor. It is also one of the symptoms of breast cancer. Don’t ignore this.

Change in the size of the breast- changes in the size of the breast of women or men who are suffering from breast cancer. In this situation, the breast moves inwards, so sometimes a difference in its texture is also visible.

6. Nipple Changes

  • The breast moves inwards.
  • itchy breast
  • burns
  • develop a lump

7. Fluid discharge from the breast- In the case of breast cancer, a thick-colored substance comes out from the nipple, sometimes this substance can also be blood. 

8. Marble inside breast- If you are suffering from breast cancer then you will feel like a marble under or inside your skin which will be different from another part of the breast.

Symptoms and Types  of breast cancer

There are many types of breast cancer some of which are shared below-  

Symptoms of Ductal Carcinoma

Ductal carcinoma is considered one of the most common types of breast cancer, where the cells of this cancer arise in the ducts. If cancer is growing in your cells, it remains only in the tubules and has not spread to the surrounding skin. 

Symptoms of Lobular Carcinoma

Lobular carcinoma arises in the milk-producing glands, which are called lobules. It is counted in the second type of breast cancer. It has the following symptoms- 

1. Obesity or swelling in one part

2. Flattening of the nipples 

Symptoms of Invasive Breast Cancer

Invasive breast cancer stays around the same tissue where it starts, it does not spread. You can recognize this cancer by the following symptoms- 

1. In this condition a lump is formed inside the breast, which is not able to be cured even after all kinds of treatment. 

2. The breast affected by cancer looks completely different from the other breast. 

3. The skin of the breast becomes grainy, thick, red, and blurred.

4. There are pores on the skin.

5. Swelling occurs in the breast affected by cancer.

6. There is pain in the lumpy breast. 

Symptoms of metastatic breast cancer

After breast cancer, if it is not taken care of and treatment is not done, then it starts spreading to other parts of the body, this condition is called metastatic, advanced, and secondary breast cancer. The following symptoms are felt in this condition-

1. Bone pain

2. Always feel a headache

3. Difficulty in breathing

4. Sometimes there is swelling in the stomach too

5. Yellowing of the skin and red eyes are also symptoms of breast cancer. 

6. Nausea

7. Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss 

8. Muscle weakness

Symptoms of triple-negative breast cancer in Hindi

BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are found in the human body. If the BRCA1 gene stops working or does not work properly for any reason, then this condition increases the chances of getting triple-negative breast cancer.

1. Hardening of the breast

2. Appearance of red spots around the breast 

3. Lumps around the breast and in the underarms

4. Fluid leaking from the nipple

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

Breast cancer mostly affects women, this disease is seen in only about 1% of men. Breast cancer in men takes a long time to spread, due to which it is detected early. The symptoms of breast cancer in men are also similar like- 

1. Lump formation in the breast or underarms

2. Changes in the skin of the breast such as redness on the breast, puckering of the nipples, and discharge of a thick-colored substance. 

Paget’s Breast Cancer Symptoms in Hindi

Paget’s is the type of breast cancer whose symptoms often appear at the same time as ductal carcinoma. This type of cancer infects the skin of your nipple and areola. Usually, its symptoms are somewhat similar to eczema-like-  

In Paget’s, the skin of the nipple becomes scaly and appears red. 

2. Having a yellowish discharge from the nipple, sometimes these substances also come out in the form of blood. 

3. Sometimes the nipple vomits, and sometimes it goes inwards. 

4. Burning and itching in the breast area is also common symptom.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer in Hindi

Inflammatory breast cancer is considered a rare type, this disease is seen in very few people. It has the following symptoms-

1. Breasts become hot, swollen, and red 

2. scaly skin 

3. Nipple turning inwards

4. discharge from the nipple

Symptoms of Papillary Carcinoma

Papillary carcinoma is also a rare type of cancer. In this condition, small lumps like tumors are formed and pulses get deposited in it. There are many symptoms of papillary carcinoma-

1. Bleeding from the nipple

2. Lump inside the nipple

Symptoms of Angiosarcoma

Angiosarcoma is a bone tumor that often occurs in adolescence. Many types of symptoms can be felt in this disease- 

1. A lump forms in the breast

2. Looks like a rash on the skin

3. The skin becomes scaly which is always coming out. 4. Pain is always felt in the area affected by the tumor. 

breast lump

Every time a lump in the breast is not cancerous, it happens due to hormonal changes of women from time to time. It has many symptoms-

1. Lump in breast and hardening of tissue

2. Discharge from the nipple

3. Difference in the texture of both the breasts

4. Rash around the nipple

Can breast cancer come back?

The chances of breast cancer coming back are very low. This cancer can come back about 1 to 2 years after treatment, but the risk of this cancer decreases with time. Keep in mind that for this you will have to be in contact with the doctor beforehand. The following symptoms may be felt when breast cancer recurs- 

1. New lump formation in the breast

2. Changes in the skin of the nipple and breast

3. Scars or swelling around previous surgery

Some surgeries are done to cure breast cancer, after which a mastectomy can arise, but this lump is not cancerous, still, if you are feeling these symptoms of cancer, then consult your doctor. In this situation, you may see the following symptoms-

1. Lumps can form under the arms, above the collarbone, or on the chest.

2. There may be swelling in the arms

3. Pain and tingling feeling in the arm or shoulder 

4. Persistent chest pain

5. Feeling uncomfortable eating food

Let us tell you that the symptoms of metastatic breast cancer in Hindi depend on which part of the body of the victim is affected by this disease.