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Specialist Doctor for Piles treatment in Dilshad Garden

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Specialist Doctor for Piles treatment in Dilshad Garden

Piles Aka Hemorrhoids, Bawasir, Mulvyadh are swollen and enlarged veins in the rectum and the anal canal containing enlarged blood vessels in and around the rectum and the anus which is a result of an increased pressure in the anus making the veins wider and engorged with more blood than usual resulting in overlying tissue and swelling causing piles. | Specialist Doctor for Piles treatment in Dilshad Garden


  • Blood while defecating
  • Pain while passing stool
  • Mucus discharge while defecating
  • Painful hard lump in the anus
  • Painful hard lump outside the anus
  • Itching sensation around the anus
  • Feeling of fullness in the bowels even after passing a stool


Piles if left untreated may cause further complication with its growth. There are 4 grades of piles. The first 2 stages can be treated using medications with doctors advice. The later 2 stages would need procedures done to treat it. If left untreated it may cause Fistula, weakness, weight loss, severe constipation etc.


There are various treatments available to treat piles. Dr Monga medi Clinic have developed and Introduced Non- Surgical procedures wherein the patient can resume his normal activity from the 3rd Day itself.

Dr. Monga Clinic, a leading treatment center in the field of proctology viz a specialty dealing with the care of Ano-Rectal diseases, Varicose veins Hernia by providing Novel and Advanced treatment techniques and procedures from all around the globe to the fellow its citizens in India and neighboring countries.

Dr. Monga Clinic is credited for performing a maximum number of Stapler Haemorrhoidopexies for Piles aka hemorrhoids per month in Asia and is proudly the first institution to introduce laser treatment for hemorrhoids in India. Today, It performs the highest number of laser procedures in Asia. With the motto of curing with care, Healing Hands Clinic has built a team that does nothing but proctology where all the Team members understand the pain of the patient and work towards the motto of curing with care.Dr. Monga Clinic, due to its advanced techniques has been able to bring down the recurrence rate for Piles to less than 1% compared to an industry standard of 20-25% which is also taken care of with continuous follow-up.

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