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Height is the result of several factors in our lives such as our genes and our environmental factors like exercise and nutrients. But, mostly it is the result of our genes. From birth till the age of 11-13 i.e. puberty, on an average, a person grows about 2 inches a year. But, after puberty hits, an average person grows around 4 inches a year until the age of 18-19. Height plays a very important role in shaping and displaying of one’s personality. A good height can make a person feel more confident about them and have a greater self-esteem as well. 

We cannot do anything about genes but, we can certainly try to change our environmental factors and lifestyle. There are some measures you can take during adolescence to guarantee that you are maximising the capacity of your growth. They basically act like a height increase treatment. You can continue taking these measures even as an adult to stimulate your inclusive well-being and to retain your height.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

An adolescent must consume all the kinds of nutrients in healthy amounts to stay fit and accelerate growth. There should be lots of fruits, leafy vegetables, lots of protein, dairy and whole grains whereas one must limit the consumptions of sugar, Trans fat and saturated fats. Also, being hydrated is also necessary. There should be complete intake of all the vitamins and minerals. An adolescent must avoid junk food as it triggers with their growth and health.

Do sports or exercise

Playing different sports like Volleyball, basketball, skipping and running can help the muscles to stretch and expand. These activities also keep you fit and healthy at all times. Also, outdoor activities provide you with Vitamin C & D which help in growth. Healthy diet and exercising is the best combination to be fit and to strengthen your immune system and fight all diseases as well.

Get enough sleep

Occasionally not getting enough sleep wouldn’t affect your height in the long term, but if you regularly clock lesser than what is recommended during adolescence, it might lead to some complications as sleeping is also a necessary factor in well-being of a human being and his/her growth. An adolescent must take 7-8 hours of sleep every day for proper growth.  

Carry out good posture

Poor posture can make you look way shorter than you actually are. And, over a long period of time, slouching and slumping can actually affect your real height. You should always keep in check the way you sit, stand and sleep. You can also try some posture-improving exercises.

Practice yoga to increase your height

If posture exercises aren’t your cup of tea, you must give a try to Yoga. Practicing yoga can align your body, strengthen your muscles, and also help with the maintenance of your posture. It might help you stand taller. Poses like cobra pose, mountain pose, child’s pose, etc. have proven to be helpful for the same.

Take the help of Ayurveda

During the entire course of our life we keep generating HGH hormone i.e. Human Growth Hormone. It is generated basically to maintain our body’s cell rejuvenation and chemical balance. There are multiple factors which, if manipulated in a right manner, can increase HGH levels in our body. Ayurveda can act as a height increase treatmentby increasing the amount of the production of HGH in our body.

There are various other measures or height increase treatments that you can try to increase your height till the maximum extent possible.


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