Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

Sexologist Doctor in Delhi | According to a men’s health survey, only in India, thirty million men suffer from male erecticle dysfunction. The unwellness is additionally referred to as impotence. it’s a condition wherever a man is unable to take care of his erection or can’t manufacture enough to satisfy his partner.

Major symptoms of erectile dysfunction embody the shortage of sexual desire. The condition seriously interferes with one’s life so erectile dysfunction treatment is critical and it ought to be treated as before long as possible.

Most medicines accustomed treat this drawback aim at increasing blood flow towards the member however there could also be some doubtless serious aspect effects of those medicines.

Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

The patient might expertise nasal congestion, dizziness, sleeplessness, headache, backache, and hot and cold flashes. those that are already diagnosed with high or low BP, diabetes, or uncontrolled infectious disease shouldn’t take medicines suggested for erectile dysfunction.

alternative strategies to treat the condition embody erection-inducing injections and androgen implants but there are several side effects related to these methods of treating the disease.

Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

These injections may cause painful acne, swollen gums, pain in the penis, or breast enlargement. in the main injections are called Intracavernous medication and suppositories are referred to as Intraurethral medicines.

medication prescribed for this purpose are sometimes taken many minutes before intercourse and one isn’t allowed to use the drug over once per day though the dose depends on the kind of the drug.

Besides medication, erectile dysfunction is treated with lifestyle changes made to the patient’s everyday life. Your doctor may ask to maintain a healthy exercise routine focused on weight loss, quit smoking, and reducing alcohol intake. Then there are other methods besides drugs such as the use of penile vacuum pumps and surgery of blood vessels in and around the penis area.

Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

Penile pumps and other vacuum devices are not very result-oriented since most men using this stuff complain that they get an erection that is hard enough to discontinue their intercourse and these devices are pretty useless.

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There is a higher risk of infections associated with this kind of surgery so it is necessary to consult an authentic and experienced sexologist for this purpose. Doctor Vinod Sablok can help you achieve desired results since he is a qualified and knowledgeable sexologist and has been dealing with such cases for years.

Remember that this erectile dysfunction treatment is possible at any age so if you have crossed 70, don’t worry you can still be treated as well as a 20 years old guy. Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Delhi

There are cases of erectile dysfunction that need some sort of psychological treatment besides medicines. Some patients are so stressed out that they are unable to maintain an erection for longer or at least as long as it is required to please their partners.

Then there are relationship problems, job stress, and financial worries that interfere with one’s performance at night. When the patient talks about his stressors and woes to a certified specialist, his sexual anxiety is released. The psychologist may help the patient to learn the strategies to boost his confidence and improve his intimacy.


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