Piles Ladies Doctor in Delhi | Ladies Doctor for Piles : 8010931122

Piles Ladies Doctor in Delhi | Ladies Doctor for Piles : 8010931122

Piles – causes, symptoms, types, and treatment

Piles are otherwise known as haemorrhoids. This is the collection of inflamed tissue in the anal. It is made up of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle, and elastic fibres. Just like men, women also get affected by piles. But they don’t have to worry as there is Piles Ladies Doctor available. Many people suffer from piles but the symptoms are not common/obvious. Let’s see here some of the facts on piles.

  • It is a collection of tissue as well as a vein that gets inflamed and swollen.
  • It comes in various sizes. They are found either inside or outside the anus.
  • The causes of piles are chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool.
  • A doctor can diagnose it while examining.
  • Piles are graded on a scale from I to IV. In the case of, III or IV grade, surgery might be necessary.

Piles are of two types and they are:

  • Internal piles – located between 2 to 4 centimetres above the opening of the anus and are a common type.
  • External piles – it occurs on the outside edge of the anus.
Piles treatment

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The individuals suffering from piles experience the following symptoms:

  • A hard and painful lump felt around the anus. It contains coagulated blood. The piles that are made up of blood are called thrombosed external haemorrhoids.
  • Even after passing a stool, a person may experience the feeling that the bowels are still full.
  • After a bowel movement, you will find bright red blood.
  • The person will experience itchy, red, and sore around the anus.
  • While passing stool, the person will feel pain

If the piles become severe then a person will experience the following:

  • Excessive anal bleeding. This might also lead to anaemia.
  • Infection
  • Faecal incontinence or cannot control bowel movements
  • Anal fistula – a new channel is created between the skin surface near the anus and inside the anus
  • A strangulated haemorrhoid – the blood supply to haemorrhoid is cut off. This will cause complications like infection or a blood clot.

Piles are classified into four grades and they are:

  • Grade I: small inflammations lining the inside of the anus. They are not visible.
  • Grade II: larger than grade I piles and will remain inside the anus. Though they get pushed out while passing stool but will return unaided.
  • Grade III: also known as prolapsed haemorrhoids. It will be found outside the anus. The person affected will feel that they are hanging out of the rectum. They can be easily re-inserted.
  • Grade IV: These are large and remain outside the anus. These cannot be pushed back. Only surgery will provide a cure.

External piles form small lumps outside the edge of the anus. Apart from being itchy, this will become painful if there is a blood clot. It will also block the flow of blood. Thrombosed external piles or haemorrhoids which become clotted require immediate medical treatment.


Mostly, piles will resolve on its own. But some people might feel discomfort and itching. For these cases, treatment is the only cure.

When you contact Piles Ladies Doctor they will advise you on the diet and body weight. They will also advise you on the exercises to be done. When you do exercise regularly, it will help in getting rid of the piles. Based on the severity of the piles, the Piles Ladies Doctor will provide with medications and if needed, surgery. The surgical options for advanced piles are outpatient procedures with minimal recovery time.


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