PEP Treatment in Delhi – PEP HIV Treatment in Gurgaon

PEP Treatment in Delhi, PEP HIV Treatment in gurgaon

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PEP Treatment in Delhi

As we know that PEP is a way for people who may be HIV-negative or not but the chances of getting the virus to prevent HIV infection. If you are looking popular doctor for PEP Treatment in Delhi, PEP Treatment in gurgaon. So that by taking a pill every day. Now a day’s PEP becomes most effective precaution when someone took as prescribed. PEP is the use of antiretroviral drugs after a single high-risk event to prevent HIV.

PEP HIV Treatment in Gurgaon

Prescribe HIV Prevention educates providers and patients about these biomedical prevention tools and encourages providers to consider PrEP and PEP for patients at high risk for HIV. It includes PeP Treatment in Delhi, PEP Treatment in gurgaon resources such as a guide for discussing sexual health with patients, brochures and posters to educate patients about PrEP and PEP, continuing medical education programs, and a medication guide for patients.

PEP Treatment for HIV

The golden chance to protect yourself from HIV infection is to start PEP therapy within 72 hours of possible exposure under the guidance of HIV specialist. PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) is the systemic treatment therapy for patients exposed to HIV within 72 hours of possible exposure. The word prophylaxis means to prevent or protect. So this treatment is subjected to prevention from becoming HIV positive.

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