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PCOD Treatment in Dwarka

What is PCOD?

Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) refers to the condition that affects a female’s hormone level. In this condition, a woman produces male hormones in more than usual amounts. It affects the ovaries, and the reproductive organ that produces estrogen and progesterone The imbalance in the hormone may become the reason to skip their menstrual periods and even create a problem in getting pregnant. Some other problems that may arise due to the prevalence of PCOD symptoms include:

• Hair growth on the face and body

• Hair fall or baldness

• Long term health condition like obesity, heart diseases and diabetes

What causes PCOD?

Though the cause of the polycystic ovary disease is not specifically known, however, it may involve a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. However, the production of a high level of male hormones may disrupt ovaries’ ability to produce egg normally.

How gynecologist can help to cure PCOD?

The gynecologist in North Delhi can help women suffering from PCOD symptoms in an effective way. She can also provide appropriate consultation and medication to manage several risks associated with PCOD.

Treatment for PCOD

The first and foremost thing is to consult a reputed gynecologist who is not only clinically qualified and certified but she should also be highly experienced in ealing with various female issues including PCOD symptoms.


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