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What Is Masturbation Addiction?

Masturbation addiction is often accompanied by a pornography addiction; however one does not necessarily imply the other, even if they do often appear in conjunction with the behavior of an individual sex addict.

Masturbation is a normal behavior in both men and women and when under control is part of a healthy sex life. Studies have even shown it to have overall health benefits such as the lowering of stress and blood pressure. But when it becomes a sex addiction, it interferes with the person’s life. Sex addicts can feel compelled to masturbate to the point of physical pain or even injury. They may spend an inordinate amount of time masturbating, or do it when and where it is not appropriate, such as at work or in public.

While an overactive sex drive can account for some cases of masturbation addiction, another common cause is masturbating to curb negative emotions. These can be as simple as boredom or loneliness, but can include a host of other problems. Normally, the sex produces a natural high beyond the immediate physical gratification, but with a sex addict that high is followed by a low, which the addict may counter with more masturbation and start a cycle.

A sex addict will continue these behaviors despite the consequences, which can include damage to their normal sex life or problems with their job if they are at the point where they need to masturbate at work. Such behavior can cost a person his or her job, and possibly open them to legal troubles depending on the circumstances.

Treatment for masturbation addiction involves the sex addict recognizing they have a problem, but not feeling as though they are a bad person who should feel ashamed. For many years, masturbation was under a stigma, and while much of it has lifted, aspects of it still exist and it can make a sex addict hesitant about admitting they have a problem and seeking treatment. Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in Noida,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in Gurgaon,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in south delhi,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in East delhi,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in north delhi,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in west delhi,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in Ghaziabad,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in dwarka,Masturbation addiction treatment doctor in laxmi nagar, Therapy addressing why the person masturbates is the core of most treatment, and it involves replacing thoughts about masturbating with other behaviors. When sex addicts think about masturbating, they may be encouraged to first acknowledge they have the thought, and then channel it into something else. Therapists do not have them try to eliminate the thought or ignore them, but instead move it to something different after recognizing that masturbation will only make them feel worse.

Along with thought shifting, masturbation addicts are encouraged to use replacement behaviors. It can be anything, so long as it does not have a sexual component. A walk, a run, a game, prayer, meditation or some form of healthy distraction, whatever is easy to access when the urge strikes.

While masturbation addiction is its own entity, it is often accompanied by a pornography addiction. If a person is battling one, they cannot indulge in the other, as the two will inevitably join. The same goes for cybersex or phone sex, behaviors that typically accompany masturbation.

Many sex addicts feel that by getting treatment they will give up sex completely, as they would alcohol or drugs. This is not the case, as sex is a healthy part of life, as is masturbation. Treatment allows a person to gain a degree of control over their behavior. helps individuals struggling with Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Compulsive Masturbation, other dangerous sexual behaviors, and the consequences of those addictions, get sober and into recovery so they can lead richer, fuller, more successful and healthy lives. We provide information, resources, articles, videos; CDs, DVDs, seminars, conferences, and membership sites to help individuals better understand what sex addiction is and how to deal with it.

What is Sex Addiction – Treating Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is an illness that is experienced worldwide by men and women from different backgrounds and cultures. When a person is a sex addict, they suffer from a disease which is incurable, progressive and capable of destroying the lives of not only the sufferer but of their families as well.

Sex addiction can be managed with a recovery programme and therapy but whilst in the grips of this addiction, sufferers cannot escape their obsessive and compulsive behaviour. Often sex addiction is experienced with other addictive behaviours such as drug use and eating disorders. They are all behaviours of the same disease of addiction.

Similar to other addictions such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction, sex addiction is based on obsessive and compulsive needs. The behaviour of a sex addict can include repeated empty affairs, compulsive masturbation, frequent use of prostitutes and other sex services and in extreme cases can even progress to exhibitionism, voyeurism, child molestation and rape.

Sex addicts however are not bad people. Their condition is not a moral failing: It is a spiritual unrest.

Why is Sex Addiction So Destructive?

In some Twelve Step fellowship support groups, ‘bottom line behaviour’ is identified. Bottom line behaviour is a term used to define the specific sex addict’s behaviours which they act out on.

Most sex addicts experience ‘intrigue’ which is the mental preoccupation with sexual acts. Objectifying people, constant obsession with sexual acts, flirting and generally spending much time with the preoccupation of sex is the mental state of a sex addict. These obsessions are then followed by the compulsive acting out on sexual behaviors.

Sex addiction is progressive. It may begin with compulsive masturbation and an affinity for pornography which then develops into a serious problem involving the use of prostitutes, money troubles, families being broken up and unemployment, further to which suicide can be a consequence.

When sex addiction has progressed to a severe level, the sex addict is unable to resist the impulse to act out on their sexual behaviors. They become more involved with the behaviors for longer periods of time, with greater intensity and violence to have the desired effect, resulting in their responsibilities being neglected. Without being able to fulfill their obsession and act out on the behavior, they become irritable, restless and angry. Despite the desire to abstain and stop the sexual compulsive because their lives are beginning to crumble, they are unable to do so. They are powerless over their sexual addiction and their lives begin to become completely unmanageable.

Masturbation Addiction Treatment in Delhi:-

Sex addiction is treatable, but incurable. Yet with therapy, abstinence from the disordered sexual behaviours and maintaining a programme of recovery on a daily basis, a sex addict can regain a normal life again. Inpatient treatment in a counselling centre can be extremely beneficial to a sex addict seeking help for their problem. Many sex addicts will be in a state of denial about their problem but once they have admitted that they have a problem, they can begin the healing recovery process.

Inpatient treatment will usually provide group therapy and individual therapy which have been found to be the most successful methods of dealing with sex addiction. Treatment facilities are a safe place for sex addicts to recover where they can process their condition with experienced and understanding people. They need never be alone in their struggle again.

Whilst in a rehabilitation center, a sex addict will need to begin working a daily program of recovery, such as the Twelve Steps. There are fellowships which are devoted to helping sex addicts receive support and help in their behavior. For a sex addict to be abstinent from the behavior does not mean that they must stay celibate for the rest of their life – it is a normal human behavior to engage in sexual acts, just not ones which begin to destroy their lives and keep them in a terrible cycle of shame and self loathing. A sex addict who turns to celibacy as a way of dealing with the problem is not addressing the root cause – similar to a ‘dry drunk’.With proper treatment and therapy, coupled with a programmer of recovery, a sex addict can begin to lead a happy and normal life again. A recovery program will keep a sex addict aware of their behaviors and dangerous situations which may lead to relapse and will teach them tools to cope with daily life.


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