Kshar Sutra helped me to a fissure-free life


Best Treatment for Piles-Kshar Sutra

Do you feel pitiful due to your piles and at the same can’t get rid of it? Don’t worry because Ayurveda has an ancient parasurgical ayurvedic treatment for piles which can steal your pain away ‘Kshar Sutra’ without any side effects. Which uses a soft thread medicated with ayurvedic herbs and medicines to treat anal fistula, sinusitis, other anorectal diseases, piles, etc. performed with extreme care and minimal invasion. Its benign and pocket friendly.

experts recommend that in order to obtain the best results from any ayurvedic
treatment for piles or Kshar Sutra treatment for fissure the best practice will
be to get it done from a good Kshar Sutra clinic having skilled doctors; and
one such renowned clinic is Dr. Monga Medi Clinic having proven history of
cured patients. I have experienced it for myself.

a busy middle-class job life, with little or no personal time left, and hence
due to my inactive lifestyle as a result of a sitting job and sleeping in the
left-over time my health got deteriorated. And resultantly I found myself
suffering with piles.

the beginning, I was clueless about how to get it cured and was hesitant to
discuss it with anyone for any advice, but after constant painful botheration
of the fissures; I decided to go see a doctor.

even after getting treated it reoccurred at intervals. And after a lot of opinions
from different doctors they all suggested for open surgery which wasn’t
side-effects free. But to my dismay it returned again and again even after
three surgeries. Then I decided to give up. But one day while working on my
laptop, I came across an add popping up on my screen, which claimed complete
resolution to all the piles related problems through an ayurvedic treatment for
piles; and was reluctant to believe it, but after long thinking I gave it a

Where I Gest Success?

When I went to Dr. Monga Medi Clinic their expert counsellors, skilled doctors and polite staff, made it all so comfortable and less complex for me, that the more I wasn’t sure and afraid about the Kshar Sutra treatment for fissure, the more I became confident and sure about it. And now after few weeks of the comfortable journey of my ayurvedic treatment for piles, I would love to make aware, other clueless people like me in need of a good Kshar Sutra treatment for fissure, that they can trust this clinic as one of the best Kshar Sutra clinic for a complete resolution. Whether the way they handled my case or the weekly sutra replacement was done, it was always made easy felt and comfortable.      


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