If you are making a relationship in periods, then know after how many days the pregnancy will stop

Nowadays, the direct question of people as soon as they get married is that when the little guest is coming in the house, some couples take this matter seriously and some ignore it because nowadays most of the couples spend quality time in family planning. take some time. In such a situation, when they are ready, before that they try to collect all the information related to pregnancy.

During this, there is always a question in the mind of women that how many days after the period does the pregnancy take place? So in today’s article, we are going to give you all such information which can prove to be very beneficial for you. (sex in periods chances of pregnancy in Hindi)

How many days after the period does pregnancy occur?

Often women ask these questions, how many days after the period does the pregnancy take place, then first of all answer these questions of yours. Actually, how many days after the period, it depends on the egg released from the woman’s ovary, it is estimated from the egg that comes out of the ovary whether pregnancy will happen or not. During sex, if the egg released from the ovary mixes with the sperm, then it is decided that the pregnancy will stop but it depends on the timing of the egg coming out of the ovary, which only you know.

Let us tell you that if you have a relationship with your partner about 14 days after the period, then the chances of getting a pregnant increase to a great extent.

This is because 14 days after the menstrual cycle is the right time for the egg to come out of the ovary. The egg released from the ovary can live for 12 to 14 hours and if you have intercourse within 12 to 14 hours, the sperm fertilizes it, which leads to pregnancy.

How does pregnancy happen? (how pregnancy occurs in Hindi)

Apart from how many days pregnancy occurs after periods, couples also try to know when the condition of pregnancy comes, after all how pregnancy happens and what is a safe pregnancy. So let us tell you that when sperm is successful in fertilizing an egg cell and the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, then the condition of conception arises. For this action, it is necessary for the sperm cell to reach the fallopian tubes from the vagina and through the cervix. Only after the act of fertilization, the egg cell leaves the ovary with the help of the fallopian tube and go to its right place i.e. the uterus. Let us tell you one more thing that conception can happen at any time after about 5 days of the relationship.

What is the right time to get pregnant?

(right time for pregnancy) After how many days after the period the condition of pregnancy arises, you have already known that now the second question which is asked the most is that what is the right time of pregnancy?

Let the doctors also say that there is no such time in the whole month when it is confirmed that this time is safe for pregnancy, during this time it is considered safe to have sex.

But there are some days in the whole month that are considered right for conception. Let us tell you that from the first day to the tenth day of menstruation, the chances of pregnancy are very less, during this time there are very few women who conceive but from the 12th day to the 18th day, the chances of pregnancy are very high.

What to do for safe sex?

Nowadays every new couple plans baby only after 2 to 3 years of marriage, meanwhile they understand each other and spend quality time. But in the meantime, many times people fall in the grip of unprotected sex, which leads to pregnancy even without wanting. In such a situation, every married couple is eager to know how to have safe sex, so let’s know the ways to have safe sex. (safe sex methods in Hindi)

To avoid pregnancy, use condoms during sex, this is the best way to have safe sex.

  1. If you use a condom during sex, then it can prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as it also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Some people use 2 condoms together but this is the wrong way, always only one condom should be used. Do not use old torn condoms. Do not use scissors or teeth to open the condom packet.
  3. The advantage of condom is only when it is used from the beginning to the end of sex.
  4. Do not use male and female condoms together. Apart from this, it is also considered good to use lubricated condoms.

Now you must have got the information about how many days after the period the pregnancy stops. But keep one thing in mind that if you are not ready for the baby and are having sex during the days of the woman’s period, then make sure to use a condom during this time, it protects against sexually related diseases.

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