Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV in Connaught place

Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV in Connaught Place

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Post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, could be thanks to facilitate stop the transmission of HIV in Associate in Nursing HIV-negative one who might is recently exposed to HIV. It involves taking HIV medications as before long as potential once a possible exposure to HIV. Anyone World Health Organization thinks they’ll are exposed to HIV ought to contact their doctor, a hospital hospital room or sexual health clinic now to ascertain if they provide liveliness.

PEP is incredibly effective however won’t stop 100% of HIV transmissions from occurring. It should be started inside seventy two hours of exposure to HIV. For liveliness to be effective, someone should have high adherence to the complete course of liveliness medication and will haven’t any any exposures to HIV whereas taking liveliness.

What is PEP?

PEP consists of a mix of 3 HIV medications that Associate in Nursing HIV-negative person takes for four weeks to cut back their risk of obtaining HIV once a possible exposure to HIV. this can be totally different from pre-exposure prevention (PrEP), that involves taking 2 HIV medications on Associate in Nursing current basis, beginning before Associate in Nursingd continued once an exposure to HIV. Liveliness ought to be started as before long as potential, however positively inside seventy two hours of being exposed to HIV. The pharmaceuticals used for liveliness ought to be taken daily for four full weeks (28 days).

How will liveliness work to assist stop HIV?

PEP interferes with the pathways that HIV uses to cause a permanent infection within the body. For HIV to cause infection the virus should enter the body, infect bound immune cells, create copies of it (replicate) inside these immune cells, then unfold throughout the body.

When liveliness is taken, the HIV medication gets into the blood and also the sex organ and body part tissues. If there’s HIV within the body, the medication will stop HIV from replicating inside the body’s immune cells, and facilitate to forestall a permanent infection from developing.

PEP medication ought to begin operating against HIV as before long as potential once the virus enters the body, which means that liveliness ought to be started as before long as potential once a possible exposure and no more than seventy two hours later. Drug levels should additionally stay high throughout the month of treatment to assist stop infection. If the pills don’t seem to be taken systematically, as prescribed, there might not be enough medication within the body to forestall HIV infection.


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