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HIV is a type of virus called retrovirus and the treatment of this condition is very important to ensure protection from the spread of the virus in the body and to save yourself from AIDS and other HIV-related diseases. The treatment of HIV involves taking medicines which help to slow down the progression of this virus in the body. One of the leading treatments of HIV according to the HIV doctor in Kannur is the use of antiretroviral therapy or ART. This treatment is recommended for all the people who are living with HIV regardless of how long they have been suffering from this virus or how healthy these people are.

According to the HIV specialist in Kannur, ART must be taken every day and under the same directions as prescribed by the best doctor for HIV treatment in Delhi.

The importance of HIV treatment in Kannur  : +91-8010977000

HIV treatment is very important right after the diagnosis of the virus in your body. This treatment helps to reduce the amount of HIV in your blood to a very low level. Such a reduction in viral load keeps you healthy and prevents all kinds of illnesses. According to the HIV specialist in Kannur, people living with HIV who take this medication daily and keep an undetectable viral load do not fall prey to the risk of sexually transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative partners. This treatment is a prevention step and must be perceived by all the people suffering from HIV.

If the HIV treatment in Kannur is not perceived or if HIV is left untreated, it will attack your immune system. Consequently, it can allow all kinds of life-threatening infections and cancers to develop into your body. HIV also attacks your CD4 cell count and if the same falls below a certain level, you are at a higher risk of catching an opportunistic infection. These infections do not normally affect people with healthy immune systems.

When to start HIV treatment:

According to the HIV doctor in Kannur, the treatment for HIV shall be started right after the diagnosis of the problem. This will always keep your body immune from the spread of the virus or infection. Eventually, you will live for many years and will also stay strong and healthy throughout your lifespan. Starting the ART treatment for HIV will help to slow down the progression of HIV and it would keep you healthy for many years.

The best doctor for HIV treatment in Kannur suggests you not to delay the treatment. If left untreated, the virus shall continue to harm your immune system and will put you at a higher risk of developing many infections and diseases.

The best doctor in treating HIV infection:

If you have been diagnosed with HIV infection and are looking forward to seeking HIV treatment in Kannur, get in touch with Dr. Monga Mediclinic.

Dr. Monga Mediclinic has the best doctors for HIV treatment in Kannur. The team here starts your treatment right after the problem has been diagnosed. Get in touch with the team here and start wit the ART treatment for HIV at the earliest.


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