HIV Treatment in Model Town

HIV Treatment in Model Town HIV is a life threatening infection caused by human immunodeficiency virus that attacks the immune cells of our body’s immune system leading to the destruction of immunity and the body becomes prone to various opportunistic infections. When this virus HIV attacks our body, it destroys the immune cells leading to the nonfunctional state of immune cells that creates an environment which is not capable of fighting against this virus and the immune system is collapsed. The exposure to this virus can be due to many reasons or causes, like, sexual intercourse with anonymous partner, multiple partners, impure blood transfusion, any accidental trauma, wound or injury during any surgical procedure by needles, or other instruments. Anyone can get infected by this virus irrespective of gender, age, race, profession and who you had sex with.

HIV Treatment in  Model Town

 early signs and symptoms of HIV include headache, continuous fever, sore throat, fatigue, and diarrhea, lack of interest in work, night sweats, and weight loss. Usually these symptoms are mistaken for flu and other common illnesses, making it doubtful to make person sure that the body has been attacked by HIV infection.

We at Dr. Monga is pep for HIV Treatment Safe Hands provide the specialized management, treatment for HIV infection (exposed within 72 hours of possible exposure or if a person is already HIV positive).

HIV Treatment in Model Town

HIV Treatment in  Model Town
HIV Treatment in Model Town

HIV Treatment in Model Town

Dr. Monga is a specialized doctor in HIV treatment, PEP treatment, and sexual dysfunction treatments. He has treated around 200000 patients from past 20 years. He’s a regular participant and member of ayurveda national and international medical conferences and colloquiums. He has cured patients exposed to HIV, from becoming HIV positive by PEP treatment. The success rate of this treatment is 90 to 95%.

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