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Gastroenteritis is a disease caused by infection and inflammation of the digestive tract. In this, a person may complain of stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. In most cases, the condition gets better within a few days.

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What is Gastroenteritis

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A person affected by gastroenteritis may have diarrhea. It is also known colloquially as stomach flu. Viruses like norovirus, rotavirus, arbovirus, etc. are often found in contaminated food or drinking water. These viruses enter the body with food or water and spread their infection in four to 48 hours. Children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system are more prone to this disease.

Understand Gastroenteritis

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The risk of this disease is high during the hot summer and rainy days. This weather gives a favorable environment for the bacteria of this disease to flourish. Harvested fruits, vegetables and other items get spoiled quickly during this season. Flies, mosquitoes carry these bacteria from one food item to another. When it is used, the bacteria go inside the body and the person becomes ill. Contaminated water is also another important reason for the spread of this disease.

Symptoms of Gastroenteritis


Symptoms of gastroenteritis include loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, severe chills, mild skin irritation, excessive sweating, fever, stiffness in the joints, muscle discomfort, weight loss, etc.

Due to Gastroenteritis

Due to Gastroenteritis

Causes of Gastroenteritis Many things can cause gastroenteritis. Viruses especially rotaviruses, arboviruses and bacteria such as Campylobacter bacteria are the primary causes of gastroenteritis. Some parasites can also aggravate gastroenteritis. Some antibiotics can cause enteritis in susceptible people.

Infectious Gastroenteritis

Infectious gastroenteritis is caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. In each case the infection is usually caused by eating or drinking. Some common types of infectious gastroenteritis include Campylobacter infection, Cryptosporidium infection, giardiasis salmonellosis shigellosis, and viral gastroenteritis.

Non Infectious Causes

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However, many other infectious agents can also cause this disease. Sometimes non-infectious causes can also give rise to this disease. However, they are less likely to occur than viral or bacterial gastroenteritis. Weak immune system and relatively lack of hygiene can make children prone to this disease.

Diagnosis of Gastroenteritis


Knowing what type of gastroenteritis you have is very important for the treatment of gastroenteritis. Diagnostic methods include medical history, physical exam, blood tests and stool tests.

Treatment of Gastroenteritis

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Treatment depends on the cause. But still in its treatment  Drinking plenty of fluids, oral rehydration drinks (ORS) available from pharmacists should be taken. If the condition worsens, the person may also have to be admitted to the hospital. Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice.

Prevention of Gastroenteritis

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To avoid this disease, clean food should be eaten at home. Never use stale food and contaminated water. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap before cooking and eating food. Hands should be washed with soap even after defecation. The water should be boiled properly and drunk after cooling. Water purifiers or water purification equipment can also be installed at home. Water should not be allowed to collect around wells and hand pumps. All fruits and vegetables should be washed and used. We can be protected from gastroenteritis, but it is important that our water and food are clean.

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