Masturbation is a word that is taboo in our ‘civilized’ society. The debate over whether or not to masturbate has gone far beyond the biological point of view and has descended into the court of morality. Although if one wants to masturbate or not, it is completely a personal matter, but masturbation has many benefits. However, this topic is often shrouded in myths as it is a topic that is kept at the back of the closet and people do not discuss it openly.

In such a situation, today we will tell you about some facts of masturbation, which are very important for you to know. By the way, in today’s time, most of the people do masturbation. Men or women, everyone can masturbate and people do too. Whether our society accepts it or not. Come, know about the facts of masturbation …

Benefits of Masturbating

Masturbation is a natural, safe and healthy activity. It’s a way to really explore your body, feel pleasure, and let go of built-up sexual tension. Its benefits are not limited to just your sexual health, but masturbating regularly can have physical and mental health benefits as well. Research shows that regular masturbation can help with:

  • edge off
  • release tension
  • increase sleep quality
  • increase concentration level
  • improve mood
  • relief from menstrual cramps
  • improve sex life

Masturbating is unhealthy only if you become addicted to it. It is a kind of fun activity which helps in increasing your sex drive. It becomes unhealthy when unchecked. Masturbation addiction can lead to behavioral changes, low self-esteem, low sexual satisfaction and starts interfering with your daily life. In such a situation, take the help of a professional to solve this problem.

Many people masturbate even after marriage,

it is not necessary that you cannot masturbate after marriage. Masturbation is your time which you would like to spend on your own. After marriage, your partner can also masturbate sometimes. However, if you feel that you are doing this too much then you should reduce it. Also, if you are not able to stop yourself, then you must definitely talk to a specialist. You can benefit from this.

Cannot cause blindness, infertility, loss of libido masturbation
We know these are all absurd ideas, but there are many people who believe in them. They sound like intimidating conversations that were created to keep people away from masturbation. None of these are true. Masturbating is completely safe and in fact has many health benefits.

Yes, it is! There are many people who would tag such people as addicts, but this is not the case. Medically, if you masturbate more than that is 2 times a day or more than seven times a week, then this problem can occur. Apart from this, there are other symptoms which should also be checked against. For example, if you do not have sex with your partner due to masturbation or you are getting away from your loved ones, then it can be wrong.

Many people cry after masturbating
Yes, it’s true. Crying after masturbating is now a common problem. Medically referred to as the post-coital blues, more research needs to be done on the subject. It is also referred to in the literature as sex-induced depression.

Is Masturbating daily or twice a day is harmful? Is it cause any side effects?

Masturbation never harms. Yes, due to over masturbation your energy levels go down so you think that you got a big sexual problem over masturbation harms for our health in physiologically erectile dysfunction, semen loss, weakness, body ache in case of excessive masturbation memory loss etc.

Is masturbation twice a day bad for the health of a twenty-year-old male?

It is not bad unless it hurts. Now that doesn’t mean that you should do it till it hurts. You have to masterbate only when you feel aroused and not just do it for the sake of it .lesser you do the lesser you feel like doing it .