Dr. Monga Height Increase Review

Ayurvedic herbal Capsule for Men & Women, it is a capsule medicine that will increase your height by 3 to 7 inch, it gets certified by more than 12 Ayurvedic doctor in india. This Product is the # 1 Height Increase Ayurvedic Product of India. You will get 30 capsule in this bottle, which you will have to take one in the morning and one in evening. With this medicine you will start seing results in few days. It enhances blood circulation of the human body, along with this it builds up power for its smooth working.


  • Helps in boosting natural process of endocrine system and development of the body which leads to increase in height.
  • Helps in making bones stronger and promotes growth.
  • Helps in improving Immunity as it contains Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Giloy and Yastimadhu.
  • Helps in Building and toning Muscular mass by promoting new cell and tissue growth.
  • Helps in Improving Metabolism which further leads to lean body.
  • Helps in Strengthening Nervous System.
  • Helps in sound sleep.
  • Helps in Slowing down’s aging process.
  • Helps in Reducing extra fat.


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I increase my height 2.1 inches after using this and also I am feeling very strong… My age is 19.. After using continously 89 days now I am 5 feet 8 inch before taking dis i was only 5 feet 6 inches… So now I am feeling very strong and proud… Thanks Height-x for ur help… And also thanks for helping other whose wants to increase height after 18 years or before 18 years… Your item is fabulous i am giving you a 10 out of 10…

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I’m completed this Height-x full course and i saw its working and my height grown 2.5+ inches and i recommend all who suffer short height problem. After trying 3 different height increase, i finally get a product which is awesome. The other best part of Height-x is they give 100 days guidance to follow simple and best exercises, diet plan which helped me to get my good height, also for a fit, healthy body. #saynotoshortheight

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When I was not taking Height-x my life was really disturbed, my school mates, friends they use to make fun of me at every moment but from the last 4 months everything Is changed for me, my Height Increased by 11.16 cm. I am really happy about this awesome change. Thank you Height-x For Changing my Life



I have order full course bcz my friend suggest me Height-x. He has increase his height 3.9 inches. He is 20 years. Umeed hai meri bhi km se km 3 inch height to bdhegi. 90 days k bad feedback share krunga.

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My age is 21, I’m using Height-x from last 65 days and i saw a good change in my height of 4cm, I’m really happy with this result. Thanks alot Height-x.

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Bahut acha product hai. Thoda mahenga hai pr paisa wasul hai…meri height phle 5″3 inch thi, height growth course krne k bad meri height ab 5″7 inch ho gyi hai or sehat kafi sahi ho gyi hai. Dil se dhanyabad Height-x.