Dr Jyoti – Liver / Stomach Specialist Doctor

Dr Jyoti Arora monga Gastro Specialist

Dr Jyoti Arora
Liver Stomach Specialist Doctor
BAMS – Ayurveda Physician

16, National Park, Vikram vihar, Lajpat Nagar iv,
South Delhi, Delhi 110024

Dr. Jyoti Monga is an experienced Liver / Stomach specialist doctor who has a qualified B.A.M.S from Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar, Punjab. Her expertise lies in the treatment of Liver & Stomach related through the therapeutic properties of Ayurveda. Apart from being an expert in healing all chronic diseases and being the best Liver Stomach specialist doctor in Delhi, she is also a master in yoga and acupuncture therapy, both of which he has certified registration

Furthermore, Dr. Jyoti  provides consultation to females in private concerning non-sexual relationship issues as well as sexual complications.

For addressing the couples, she joins her husband in the counseling sittings.

Dr. Jyoti Monga follows the guidelines of Ayurveda strictly to cure her patients. She abides by the Shastras and Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, the latter being a guiding book containing the protocol concerning Ayurvedic treatments. She stands apart from most of the doctors as, in addition to prescribing only medication, she also asks her patients to incorporate changes in their lifestyle and eating habits. This makes her the Stomach & Liver Specialist and her patients are grateful to her healing methods.

She offers her services in clinics situated in various locations of Delhi. The clinics have a homely ambiance that makes it easy for her patients to confide in her with their issues. She has extensive knowledge in her field that she gained over an experience of 20 years. Her patients have expressed their gratitude towards her and have acclaimed the fact that she is a remarkable Piles Doctor in Delhi whom they have come across to treat their ailments.

As a person, Dr. Jyoti Monga is amiable, composed, understanding, and humble. Knowing the nature of stomach & liver Related problems and their associated uncomfortable symptoms, she listens to her patients calmly and completely before starting with her diagnosis. Also, while disclosing the personal information, the patients can trust her fully as she maintains the confidence of the data provided.

If you are looking for the best assistance from stomach & liver chronic Diasease to cure or treat fatty liver, IBS, IBD, Cholistis and many ore, head to Clinic and consult Dr. Jyoti . She is compassionate towards every client and gives the needed time to hear patiently the issues of the patient.

To receive the curative and remedial measures for your chronic or recently discovered any stomach & liver related symptoms, you have to visit her clinic after booking a prior appointment via telephone or e-mail.

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