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According to many people, no one can help them in female diseases/Gynae diseases, but this is not correct. In fact, due to sexual problems many times the relationships also get cracked. Book Your Apportionment online call Best lady sexologist in Dwarka, Delhi +91-8010977000.

But in particular, especially in India people prefer to remain silent instead of seeking help in such situations. In the absence of information, the situation becomes even acuter because people are hesitant to talk to experts due to less information. So if you also want to know what is the right time to contact a sexual expert then consider these things?

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Best Lady Sexologist doctor in dwarka hardly anyone can talk about this. Low sex drive means that you do not want to come close to your partner. There can be several reasons for this – hormonal changes (in both men’s fibers), physical weaknesses, fatigue or any medication. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, there may be a problem of low sex drive too many times.

However, if this problem persists for many days and your partner has to suffer the consequences, then it is better that you talk to your Best Lady sexologist doctor in Dwarka, and You have a strong desire or fantasy sex. Especially if it is associated with strange topics, then it is a serious problem. Maybe you are suffering from a psychological problem, you may have to face problems at social, professional and other important levels.

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Often, men, have trouble sex after erectile dysfunction, pressure ejaculation or penetration, or after penetration, it is a physiological problem. Their treatment is possible. You can get the right treatment information when you talk to a sexual expert. In the same situation, women may have trouble in the intercourse in conditions like dryness or contraction, pre-menopause, and vaginal trauma in the vagina. By contacting the Best Lady sexologist doctor in Dwarka at the right time, these problems can be relieved. There is no uniform energy shown to the sexual relationship between the two partners. You can have stress, low sex drive or some other problem for either of you. However, the best will be that both of you openly talk and meet the sexologist together. It is more beneficial to find out the exact cause of the problem and to treat it as a team.

If sexual thoughts are always in your head and it is affecting your work and everyday life, then it can be a psychological problem. Which may soon require treatment? Talking to a therapist or sexologist or Sex specialist doctor, the root cause of this problem can be traced. For some people, gilt or guilt is associated with sex. The reason for this may be some bad experiences like Child Abuse or any special reason. Whatever the cause, but to be free from this problem and emotion, you should talk to an expert. Often, women complain when men get an orgasm with ejaculation. Regardless of sex drive, good partner and love, if you do not feel like an orgasm, then you should immediately talk to the sexologist.

Since this topic is not spoken openly, many people are trapped in the wrong identity. Sometimes it happens that even if everything is correct you can not do the intercourse or feel very pain during the intercourse. It can be an indication that you should talk to the Best Lady sexologist doctor in Dwarka and since this topic is not spoken openly, many people are trapped in the wrong identity.


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