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Do you experience stiffness, joint pain, warmth and swelling of the joints? This can be an early sign of Arthritis and it is important to look for Arthritis Treatment from an experienced doctor. A good doctor will check the redness, swelling, and warmth of the joints and will provide the right treatment. The method and type of treatment depend on the type of Arthritis an individual is diagnosed. The initial test will be conducted on urine, blood, and joint fluid. Along with this, the diagnosis also consists of X-ray, ultrasound, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Some cases are noted where doctors also go for a test like CT scan, arthroscopy and MRI to know the clear reasons for the problem. Once the diagnosis is completed, Arthritis Treatment focuses on providing complete improvement in joint functions and relieving symptoms. The best doctor uses a combination of treatment methods to determine what works best for a particular patient. This may include –

Medications: In this method, the doctor prescribes effective medicines that help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, suggest some ointment and creams that help to recover and have hassle-free motion, etc. Some drugs are provided to patients that slow or stop the immune system from attacking joints. Some Arthritis Treatments may also use biologic response modifiers for better results.

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Surgery: In cases where conservative methods do not work, doctors suggest surgery for Arthritis Treatment. The surgery may include –

  • Joint repair: Here joint surfaces are realigned or smoothed that improves function and reduces overall pain.
  • Joint fusion: This surgery process is used for smaller joints such as ankle, wrist, and fingers.
  • Joint replacement: This is another effective procedure in the treatment of Arthritis that helps to remove damage joints and replaces them with an artificial one. This is the most preferred treatment method for knees and hips joints.

Therapy: This is one of the most effective treatments that doctors opt for and is useful in specific types of arthritis. Here doctors suggest some effective exercises that help to strengthen muscles surrounding joints, improve motion and other benefits.

Therefore, once you are diagnosed with Arthritis, look for the right clinic where an expert doctor can provide effective Arthritis Treatment after analyzing the actual cause of the problem.   


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