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Does Ayurvedic Treatment cure Hairfall?

We all experience hair fall every day. The question lies about the extent of hair fall. You might lose more than 100 strands of hair in a day. But when the hair fall becomes more and there is no corresponding hair growth, it becomes a problem. Of late, many people show signs of greying as well as balding of hair. This could be embarrassing and distressing. First of all, let’s see the reason for hair fall.

  • Poor nutrition
  • Erratic and irregular lifestyle – late nights and long hours
  • Environmental factors like pollution and climate
  • Stress, anxiety and tension, inadequate sleep or rest

All of the above will lead to the building up of excessive toxins in our body and might cause hair fall. Let’s see how to cure hair fall through Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda considers that the hair fall is due to the weakness in the bone tissue. It also believes that the texture of your hair will be based on the imbalances that you have in your constitution. Hence, it is important to know about the prakriti as well as balances and imbalances in your constitution. The example is as follows:

Dosha types Quality of hair Imbalance of doshas make the hair to become
Vata (air and space elements dominate) Tendency to become dry and brittle Frizzy and brittle hair with dandruff and split ends
Pitta (fire elements dominate) Tendency to become thin, oily, and silky Premature greying and balding of hair
Kapha (earth and water elements dominate) Tendency to become oily and thick Clogged and extremely oily scalp

Whatever be the type of condition, the toxins need to be removed from your system. Hence, detoxification is very important.

The Ayurvedic Treatment for Hairfall involves the following:

  • Shirodhara

Shiro means ‘head’ and dhara means ‘to flow’. Warm oils are poured on your head and massaged. This will increase circulation and also results in better hair growth.

  • Shiro abhyanga

In this treatment, oils such as bringamalakadi Taila, coconut and til (sesame seed) are used for massaging your head. It will nourish the scalp and roots. It will prevent the heating up of your scalp, prevents greying, and nourishes your sensory organs. This makes your head to remain cool. Massaging this oil supports your hair follicles and the nerve endings are nourished. The hormones released will make you happy. It enhances the blood circulation to your nerve ends.

  • Shirolepa hair pack

A paste is applied on your scalp. This will keep your head cool. The benefits derived are the elimination of dandruff, controls frizz, repairs split ends, and reduces hair fall.

  • Nasya

In this treatment, oil is instilled in your nose daily that will provide relief from various ailments apart from reducing hair fall.

  • Herbs

You can use herbs like aloe vera, curry leaves, hibiscus, amla, methi, coconut oil, and til oil. Consuming or applying these on your head will nourish your head.

  • Hair cleansers

Some of the cleansers used are shikakai, aloe vera, hibiscus leaves, amla, and besan flour. These can also be used as stand-alone and are Effective treatment for Hairfall.  

Apart from these Ayurvedic treatments, you should also follow diet and food habits to get the quality and quantity of your hair. For the healthy growth of hair, you should take care of the Agni or fire metabolism.  Hair  Loss Treatment in Delhi

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