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Spondylitis is arthritis or rheumatic disease of the spinal cord. In the Madhava Nidan Granth, the symptoms of this disease have been described in Chapter 25 under Amavata diagnosis. According to the principles of Ayurveda, even after the food is digested, it is not converted into a dhatu (blood and flesh etc.) called rasa, then it is called mango. This common venom, being inspired by the air circulating in the body, gets blocked by reaching the joints, etc., and obstructs the movement of the air itself, then a disease called Amavat occurs.

Cervical Pain Management
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Many clinical medicines have been described in Ayurveda with the advice of Panchakarma like Dipan, digestion, Swedana, Virechana, etc. Its treatment is a lengthy (not so long as to discourage the patient) and complex process that is best done under the supervision of a specialist.

Due to the marketing of wrong information and lack of proper information, many patients consider this disease to be incurable and misunderstand the pain as destiny. Therefore, to increase enthusiasm and increase awareness, I mention some unique yogas mentioned in ancient texts which are of special benefit in this disease.

Ashtangahridaya – Dashmoolaharit’s described in the medical place is beneficial in burning, swelling, and digestion. It stimulates general digestion by destroying the disorders of liver and spleen. This medicine also suppresses colic and

According to Ayurveda Symptoms of cervical spondylitis

  • stiffness inside Neck that gets worse over time
  • Tingling, numbness and weakness in shoulders, hands, arms,
  • Neck Pain during movements
  • Difficulty in writing, holding objects etc.
  • Weakness in Muscle
  • Walking Difficulties, lack of co-ordination

Ayurvedic Medicine for cervical spondylitis

The Trayodashangguggulu, described in the Bhaishajyratnavali-Vatavyadhyadhikar chapter, is said to be the destroyer of Vatakaphaj and Vatic diseases. Due to its consumption, the diseases of Katigraha, Grighrasi, Bahu, Janu (knee), feet, sandhi, and wicked diseases are dependent on bone, nerves marrow, etc.

The Rasaraja Rasa described in Bhaishjyratnavali-Vatavyadhyadhikar Adhyay is an excellent and wonderful Vajikaraka Yoga. The use of this rasa is beneficial for paralysis, Kubjaroga, Dhanushastambha (stiffness of the spine), Hanustambha (jaw stiffness), apatanaka (muscle spasm and tetanus-like condition), vertigo or vertigo. This is the best juice for gout. Yoshaapasmara (hysteria) is also used to make use of this juice.

The Abhayarishta mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali – Arshorogdhikar chapter destroys eight types of abdominal diseases, blood pressure, rheumatism, and Mutrarodha. Consumption of this stimulates gastric fire. Rastantrasar and Siddhaprayog Collection – First Volume – Asavadi case it has been told that its consumption removes the fire, increases the strength of the cell, increases the aliphatic in the intestine. According to the essence of medicinal properties, the use of this Arishta destroys “Amvesh” gradually and it gives a good astringent and decongestant effect on the stomach, stomach, colon, etc.

Cervical Spondylitis and Insomnia: Ayurvedic Treatment

Bhaishjyratnavali – Rasayanadhikar: The Saraswatarishta mentioned in the chapter is used fearlessly in all disorders of the brain. This yoga is beneficial for children, young, old, men, and women. It increases the contentment and patience of the mind, therefore it is of special benefit in the case of stress and insomnia in spondylitis.

Ashwagandhadyarishta mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali – Murchhadhikar chapter is said to destroy unconsciousness, apasmara (epilepsy), mania, krishta (weakness and thinness), Arsha, Mandagni and Vataja diseases. The use of Ashwagandha powder described in Gudichayadivarga in Bhavprakash Nighantu is also beneficial.

Thank you so much for reading the article with best wishes for a healthy and healthy life!

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned medicines are meant to increase awareness and information. It is necessary to seek medical advice for the use of medicines. I will discuss more information related to the disease in detail in my next post on rheumatism.


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