Mardana Kamzori and How to treat it?

Mardana Kamzori– Erectile dysfunction, known as “Mardana Kamzori” in Hindi, can be distressing for men when they experience a decline in their reproductive capacity. This condition can result in a weakened reproductive organ and a decrease in the quality of erections. Some may also suffer from a lack of sperm production. Erectile dysfunction can lead to emotional distress and dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse. Let’s explore some effective natural remedies to address this issue

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (Mardana Kamzori)::

  1. Anxiety after or before sexual intercourse (लिंग संबंधित क्रियाओं के पूर्व या बाद चिंता).
  2. Reduced hardness of the reproductive organ during intercourse (संबंधित क्रिया के दौरान प्रजनन अंग की कठिनाइयों का कम होना).
  3. Lack of excitement for sexual activity (सेक्स गतिविधियों के लिए उत्साह की कमी).
  4. Low self-esteem (कम आत्मसम्मान).
  5. Smaller than usual penis size (सामान्य से छोटा लिंग आकार).
  6. Premature ejaculation during intercourse (संबंधित क्रिया के दौरान शीघ्र पतन).

Ayurvedic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (Mardana Kamzori Ka Ilaj in Hindi):

  1. Sesame Seeds and Gokhru (तिल और गोखरू के बीज): Sesame seeds and Gokhru (a type of herb) can be beneficial for overcoming erectile dysfunction. To address this issue, consume sesame seeds and Gokhru.
    • Take a glass of milk and mix both sesame seeds and Gokhru into it. Consume this blended mixture. Consume this blended mixture.
    Sesame seeds and Gokhru combined with milk can be very beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction.
  2. Garlic and Honey (लहसुन और शहद): Garlic and honey can be used to address erectile dysfunction. To do this, take 400 grams of garlic and 800 grams of honey.
    • Crush the garlic and mix it with honey.Fill this mixture into a jar and keep it for a month.After 30 days, start consuming it.
    Consistent consumption of this mixture for 40-50 days can help in overcoming erectile dysfunction.
  3. Tulsi Seeds and Safed Musli Root (तुलसी के बीज और सफेद मुसली की जड़):Tulsi (basil) seeds and Safed Musli root can be beneficial for addressing erectile dysfunction.
    • Take 30 grams of Tulsi seeds and 60 grams of Safed Musli root.
    • Mix them and grind them to form a powder.
    • Add Mishri (rock sugar) to the powder.
    • Take a small amount of this mixture daily, twice a day.
    Consistent use of this powder can help overcome the issue.
  4. Bael Leaves and Almond Gum (बेल पत्तियाँ और बादाम का गोंद): To address erectile dysfunction, you can use bael leaves and almond gum.
    • Take 20-25 bael leaves and four almond gums.Add 200 grams of sugar to the mixture.Crush and mix them thoroughly.Add this mixture to water and boil it.After it cools, consume it.
    Regular consumption of this mixture can help in addressing the problem.
  5. Onion and Ginger Juice with Honey and Ghee (प्याज और अदरक का रस, शहद और घी): To overcome erectile dysfunction, you can use a mixture of onion juice, ginger juice, honey, and ghee.
    • Combine equal amounts of onion juice, ginger juice, honey, and ghee.Consume this mixture.
    Regular consumption can be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.
  6. Coconut Powder, Banyan Tree Milk, Honey, and Sugar (नारियल पाउडर, बरगद का दूध, शहद और चीनी): You can use coconut powder, banyan tree milk, honey, and sugar to treat erectile dysfunction.
    • Take 200 grams of coconut powder, a few drops of banyan tree milk, honey, and sugar.Mix them to form a paste.Consume this paste. Regular consumption can help overcome the issue.

These are some natural remedies in Hindi that can be used to address erectile dysfunction. However, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and treatment options.


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