Panchkarma Treatment in Moti Nagar

Panchkarma Treatment
Dr. Monga Medi Clinic is best panchkarma centre in MOTI NAGAR.Where at we do Ayurveda treatment related to panchkarma.
According to Ayurveda all the disease conditions are caused thanks to imbalance of functional principles which successively causes a mistake in metabolism resulting in an under nourishment or over production of certain structural principles within the body. These imbalanced functional principles are called toxins (Doshas) as they are doing not contribute to the traditional nourishment of system, rather damages the system. Hence expelling these functional principles are important to achieve the unique balance of the system. The treatments which are finished achieving this goal are called Panchakarma treatments or Detoxification treatments. These treatments are five in numbers viz: Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) Taila Vasti (Oil Enema) Kashayavasti (Decoction Enema) Nasyam (Nasal Administartion Of Medicnes Inorder To Expel The Toxins) Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis). These treatments are key within the treatment of all diseases provided the condition of the body doesn’t contraindicate the procedure..
We get Panchkarma Treatment in MOTI NAGAR.
The Process of Panchkarma
We at Dr. Monga Medi Clinic Ayurveda Center provide Best Panchakarma treatments which incorporates :

Internal and External oleation and Sudation which is completed to mitigate the imbalanced functional principles and convey them into the metabolic pathways (SROTHAS) from where it’s expelled. Administering medicated ghee / oil internally (SNEHAPANA) is internal oleation and massages externally with specific medicated oils by various process of PINDASWEDA (Bundle or potli massages) Synchronized massage or kayasekam (oil bath) constitutes External oleation. Sudation is that the process of exposing the body to medicated steam daily which may be separate as just in case ” just in case of herbal steam bath after synchronized oil massages or are often a mixture of both oleation and sudation as in case of Potli massages or oil bath.
After preparing the body with customized internal and external oleation treatment and sudation customized Panchakarma treatment are going to be finished the patient counting on their dosha imbalance or disease condition.
along side the above mentioned procedures detoxification treatments also includes internal herbal supplements which are intended to enhance the digestive fire both at the gastrointestinal level also as at the tissue level. This becomes vital as undeterred metabolic fire is extremely important for detoxification to achieve success .
These treatments are very successful in giving a sustained result with none documented side effects in various conditions of autoimmune diseases like arthritis, atopic eczema , psoriasis, leukoderma etc. and also in various idiopathic ( disease thanks to unknown causes)condition like migraine etc. Post to Panchakarma treatment, it’s important to undergo a course of Rejuvenation treatment for strengthening the system and keeping it balanced and hence preventing the probabilities of recurrence and slowing down the degenerative conditions.
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