Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon

Erectile Dysfunction Exercise

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon

“Prompt and permanent treatment is an ideal solution for any problem. Physical activity can help you restore your youth.” Eliminate ED with the MOST TRUSTWORTHY and LEAST HARMFUL treatment, “exercise.”

Erectile dysfunction is a mainly low erection. It occurs due to hormone imbalance, hormone deficiency improper blood flow, or venous leakage in the pelvic region. Symptoms of ED are often caused by heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and a few more diseases.

Exercise is considered very important in our society. Exercise is not only helpful in ED but will also change behavior, mood, and attitude towards life. By following a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups of health conditions from time to time, you can easily prevent erectile dysfunction naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction Basics (Erectile Dysfunction)

According to a survey conducted by a hospital, about 5% of men who are over the age of 40 have ED (erectile dysfunction), and this percentage gradually increases to 15 percent when the age reaches 70. Is. And the chances of getting not only erectile dysfunction, but other sexual problems also increase with age.

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem affecting thousands of men every year in India and many other countries. The main causes of ED are stress and depression.

Most people ignore these issues because they feel that there is no way that they can cure their sexual problems. And going for any surgery and operation is not an option for them.

Many sexologists or sex doctors recommend exercise guides and charts to the younger generation to overcome their fear of sex and enjoy a healthy body and mind.

We have seen many people get better by following exercise guides and food guides for erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, male infertility, and some other sexual diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction can be controlled with at-home exercise and yoga! And if you are facing this problem then you must make this exercise a part of your daily routine.

Sports activities and physical activities are not only helpful in sexual dysfunction but also build a healthy and active body so that you can lead a happy life.

3 Main Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are one of the most effective ways to eliminate ED. To treat ED, it is very important to strengthen your muscles and bones in the pelvic area. And for better and stronger muscles, Kegels are an ideal exercise.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Gurgaon

Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

We can strengthen our core pelvic bone and muscles with Kegal exercises. Kegel exercises also known as pelvic floor exercises are the best way to strengthen the pelvic bones and overcome ED problems.

Pilates Exercises

Pilates is another best way to fight against ED as they increase blood flow and energy levels in the body which ultimately helps in fighting ED.

  • Knee Fallout: This is a type of Pilates where you open your thighs without moving your torso and try to touch the ground by your knees. Knee fall helps develop stability in the pelvic region.
  • Supine Foot Raises: This Pilates exercise will help you strengthen your lower back and abdomen. You have to raise your leg slowly and exhale while you are holding the position. Regular exercise will give you the best results.
  • Pelvic curl: The pelvic curl is similar to the lower bridge and works effectively in the lower body and spine. You feel a relaxation in the abdominal area when you exercise slowly and in sync with your breathing movement.

Aerobic Exercise

According to a study on the effect of physical activity on ED in 2018, not only Kegels and Pilates but also aerobics are very effective in treating ED issues. If a person does aerobics at least four times a week, then he can eliminate his erectile dysfunction naturally. Aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise that also keeps your heart healthy.

Most frequently asked questions

How common is it to get ED in your early 30s?

Various surveys have shown that it is now possible to get occasional and mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Various studies have shown that about 11 percent of men in their early 30s experience mild symptoms of ED. And by doing proper exercises and yoga asanas, those symptoms can be overcome before they touch their 40s.

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