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When a male ejaculates semen during sleep is known as WET DREAMS, Nightfall or nocturnal emissions. When a boy matures many changes occur in his body, one of which is change in the sexual hormones. Wet Dreams is mostly common in young boys, but does not mean that older men cannot suffer from this disorder. Wet Dreams is considered to be a part of growth and development in men. In this situation there is requirement of physical stimulation as it is related with the impulses of the brain.

Video Consultation Doctors for Nightfall Treatment in Dehradun


Symptoms of WET DREAMS or Nightfall are as follows :

  1. Ejaculation of semen during sleep.
  2. Waking up from sleep during night.
  3. Some men may even have problem in falling asleep.
  4. Premature Ejaculation.

Not only erotic dreams at night, but there are many other causes of this disorder. They are as follows :

  1. Sexual Dreams : One of the most common cause of this problem is erotic dreams during sleep. Due to this an erection occurs and finally nightfall occurs. Which is nothing but Wet Dreams.
  2. Leakage of semen : As a result of excess masturbation semen leakage may occur. Thus masturbation should not done in excess.
  3. Sexual weakness : Due to inability to ejaculate at the time of climax of sex, the gets stored in the reproductive organ and comes out at night in the form of wet dreams or nightfall.
  4. Medications : Many medicines are responsible for sexual disorders. Some medicines which are used for depression and other mental issues may cause this problem of Nightfall or Wet Dreams
  5. Excess use of alcohol and drugs : consuming too much of alcohol, drugs, smoking excessively is a major cause for Nightfall or nocturnal emissions or Wet Dreams in males. If this problem increases it is an issue to worry. Treatment is very necessary for it. What better than Ayurveda can we think of, when it comes to a trust able and effective treatment of Wet Dreams. If you are searching for the best sexologist in Delhi, then Dr. Monga ayurvedic Medi-clinic the right place for you. Here the doctors are experienced and treat you with Ayurvedic medicines or treatment of Nightfall or Wet Dreams. You can find a friendly environment here so that you share your problems easily. Go book your appointment today with Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi-clinic for the best and effective results.

Q. Excessive masturbation is resulting in nightfall and early ejection. Why?

As per your history, you are suffering from chronic masturbation. Nowadays, masturbation is very common in the younger generation. If you masturbate two times a week it is normal. But if you do frequently it is bad for your health.

How to stop the addiction of masturbation? Stay busy and less alone, find another outlet for your time and energy. Fill your life with engaging activities. The excitement of doing something different can help replace the urge to masturbate, and you will have a go-to distraction next time when you are tempted.

Stop punishing oneself and do not be despondent. Remove triggers that tempt one to masturbate. Be persistent and patient. You should be busy with your daily routine. Do regular exercise and join the gym.

I hope this helps.