Vaginal Infection Treatment in Delhi | Women experience various symptoms after menopause. Hormones are used to manage these symptoms and are very effective. But the benefits come with associated risks. Many women may choose not to take hormones and may require some alternatives to manage their symptoms.

Vaginal Infection Treatment in Delhi
Vaginal Infection Treatment in Delhi

Various alternative treatments are useful in managing the symptoms. A healthy lifestyle, good dietary habits, and regular exercises are extremely valuable.

Phytoestrogens are substances that are found in plants and have estrogen-like effects on the body. Soya bean is a very rich source of phytoestrogen.

They are also found in chickpeas, beans, and peas. Phytoestrogen supplements in the form of capsules are also available on the market. They have given mixed results in the management of hot flushes and more research is required.

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Vaginal lubricants and estrogen-containing creams are very safe and effective in treating vaginal dryness.

Antidepressants have also been used in select cases for the management of symptoms.

Women over the world have tried homeopathy, ayurvedic, acupressure, acupuncture, vitamin (E and C) supplements, and evening primrose oil. It is difficult to recommend these as there is no proven benefit and more research is required.

Nevertheless, menopause is not the sunset of your life. It is not even twilight. It is time to pause and move on. Vaginal Infection Treatment in Delhi

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Vagina dysfunction treatment in Delhi

Diagnosing and Treating Vaginal Dryness

About half of all women in various stages of menopause experience vaginal dryness, but only about 1 in 5 of them will seek treatment.

Regardless of your age, don’t be afraid to discuss vaginal dryness with your Moreland OB-GYN, whose job is to help keep you healthy, safe, and comfortable. Take a deep breath, and remember you are not alone.

Your doctor may perform a pelvic exam to check for changes in your vaginal wall and for infection before recommending treatment. Treatments for vaginal dryness are available by prescription, over the counter, and through home remedies.

‘Is vaginal dryness a symptom of infertility’ is often the first question that comes to a woman’s mind. However, vaginal dryness does not really cause infertility. Unfortunately, it can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable and even painful at times. This could in turn make you dislike sex. If you’re trying to have a baby naturally, this can be a serious problem.

Prescribed Treatments for Vaginal Dryness

Since a common cause of vaginal dryness is low estrogen, your doctor may prescribe topical, low-risk estrogen therapy to promote vaginal lubrication and improve the thickness and elasticity of your vagina. These may include:

  • Vaginal ring – Your doctor inserts a soft, flexible ring into your vagina. The ring steadily releases a low amount of estrogen into your vaginal tissues and lasts for about three months. At that point, you would return to your doctor to have it removed and a new ring inserted.
  • Vaginal tablet – You apply this medication using an applicator, similar to a tampon, to insert a low-estrogen tablet into your vagina. Like the vaginal ring, it releases a low dose of estrogen into your vaginal tissue.
  • Vaginal cream – You apply this prescription also using an applicator to insert cream containing a low dose of estrogen into your vagina.

When to see your doctor

If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Make an appointment with your doctor today if you’ve been experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms such as bleeding, excess discharge, or pain during intercourse.

You may also want to talk to your doctor if you’ve had other conditions or procedures that decrease the body’s estrogen production. This includes:

  • surgical removal of both ovaries
  • radiation therapy for cancer
  • chemotherapy for cancer
  • breast cancer hormonal treatments

If you don’t get treatment for it, GSM can lead to complications. You may experience vaginal infections, or vaginitis, due to changes in the acid balance of your vagina. You may also see an increase in urinary issues, such as UTIs or incontinence.

This may increase the frequency and urgency to urinate or make urination painful. Your doctor will likely perform a pelvic exam, collect a sample of urine, and test the acidity of your vagina to make a diagnosis.

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