Shirodhara treatment for hair growth in Gulmohar Park, New Delhi

Shirodhara treatment for Hair Growth in Gulmohar Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hair loss affects many people in the United States every year. While the majority of these individuals are men, several women suffer from specific conditions that result in hair loss as well. Hair transplants are an option many turn to, but it can cost thousands of dollars and take countless sessions before you see any tangible results. However, Dr. Monga Clinic has an alternate solution that has the capability of changing your life around for the better.

Hair loss is often attributed to biological and genetic factors, but stress is also a considerable cause for early hair loss in individuals of all ages and genders. When you allow stress to build up without taking the measures to address them, you are risking a negative impact on your health and overall well being. One way that our Shirodhara treatment for Hair Growth is effective is that it reduces stress levels in the system and strengthens hair that may have otherwise thinned out and fallen out altogether.

Shirodhara treatment for Hair Growth in  Gulmohar Park, New Delhi | +91-8010931122

Shirodhara is one of the many healing practices offered at Dr. Monga Clinic. We dedicate ourselves to providing some of the best Ayurvedic practices in South Florida that address various illnesses from the root of the issue for healing from within. For centuries, this method has proven to bring relief to the physical body while balancing the mind and soul.

Shirodhara Treatment

During this specialized massage treatment, one of our skilled therapists will help you to unwind and balance the doshas. We use a combination of essential oils and temperature manipulation to ensure that this potent practice reaches its full potential. As a patient, all you need to do is lay back and clear your mind as this oil is gently poured over the scalp. Over the course of 30 minutes to an hour, this oil will seep into the pores and saturate each hair follicle in its rich substance.

Shirodhara has been known to make a massive difference in individuals with dry scalp and hair. Sometimes all one needs to encourage new hair growth is to fully hydrate the skin and make way for new to strands to flourish. This method is especially important for those who have dry scalp due to genetic factors or other underlying conditions.

To get the fullest effect of this treatment, our professionals recommend scheduling monthly sessions for our Shirodhara treatment for Hair Growth. After just a few sessions, many individuals have reported a noted difference in the length, fullness, and richness of their hair. You could be next! All you need to do is get in contact with our center and schedule your session if you believe that Shirodhara is right for you. If you have any questions or concerns, our team will be happy to assist you.

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Don’t feel doomed and helpless in your hair loss. All natural treatments like our Shirodhara treatment for Hair Growth can completely transform your hair health while relieving pent-up stress. Try our effective therapies at Dr. Monga Clinic for yourself today and give us a call at +91-8010931122, +91-9999219128 or click here to send us a message now!

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