HIV helpline Number in Varanasi |+91-8010977000 | PEP for HIV Treatment in Varanasi

HIV helpline Number in Varanasi |+91-8010977000 | PEP for HIV Treatment in Varanasi

Are you worried about catching the HIV virus from someone you just met? Then worry not, we help you clear your doubts by providing a list of HIV treatment centers and helpline numbers, where you can solve all your queries about HIV and AIDS.

HIV helpline Number in Varanasi

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The term PEP is the acronym for Post Exposure Prophylaxis. It is a medical procedure initiated towards treating a disease that may occur due to exposure to a pathogen. For instance, a health worker may get exposed to a needle infected with an HIV virus and PEP is hence subsequently initiated to prevent the actual disease from occurring. A reputed and Best doctor for HIV counseling and treatment in Varanasi. Can provide to you PEP for HIV infection and AIDS prevention.

Containing spread of diseases through PEP

PEP may be beneficial towards treating a number of diseases and pathogenic infections caused by virus or other microbes, at a very early stage. You can also undergo an HIV helpline Number Varanasi HIV counseling session at a popular Medi clinic and know more about PEP.
Tetanus: The toxoid for treating the tetanus viral infection may be given to a person through IV (intravenous therapy) or IM or (intramuscular injection), when they are supposed to have come in contact with the tetanus virus.
Rabies: PEP for containing rabies (caused by the bite offer rabid animal including dog) may include certain immunoglobulins and a series of vaccines.
Hepatitis A, B, and C: The multiple forms of the hepatitis virus can also be contained through PEP and through vaccines, booster doses and techniques including PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

HIV: PEP for HIV should be initiated within 72 hours of suspected exposure to the virus and includes anti-retroviral medications.

Life-saving PEP treatment Chennai

As we can see, PEP is effective and potent towards preventing a number of diseases if timely steps are taken and the therapy is initiated within the deadline period. HIV PEP is also provided at the leading clinics in India and you can opt for it when you suspect an HIV exposure through a sexual intercourse or in any other way. This therapy is provided to you in a very hygienic environment, does not include any complications and is soon over. Always choose a reputed and well-established clinic that has proven itself in providing proper and proficient medical care and is run under the guidance of expert healthcare practitioners. Dr Monga Medi Clinic is a reputed clinic that has extensive and modern facilities in this field.

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