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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain the erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. This includes inability to penetrate vagina due to poor erection. Erectile Dysfunction is also called as ED and Impotence sometimes.

Erectile Dysfunction is among the few most common sexual problems that hit men all around the world. Erectile dysfunction is commonly referred to as Impotence.

Earlier, ED was commonly found in men who were above 40 years of age but nowadays it is being seen and observed that many males who are below 35 years are also facing erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a medical condition in which a male ejaculates semen sooner than his partner would like. Early discharge can happen before starting the sexual activity or just after the beginning the sexual intercourse leaving the partner dissatisfied.

Premature ejaculation is a complex condition and there is definitely no one certain and only cause. These days many medical health professionals are giving special emphasis ONLY ON serotonin levels being responsible for PE but you must know this fact that early discharge can occur due to many factors like psychological causes, physiological causes and in fact due to many other medical health conditions one is suffering.

Loss of Libido

With a high success rate, Loss of Libido Treatment is meant to help people who have a Low Sexual Desire because of emotional, psychological, physical, or medical reasons. Whatever the cause may be, it is essential to meet with a specialist as soon as possible.

A good sex life helps in several ways. When it comes to relationships, it helps to build a better bond and boost intimacy. For a person’s emotional health, a good sex life relieves stress, relaxes, and enhances overall well-being.

On the physical front, sex helps keep the body weight under control, releases endorphins, oxytocin, and various other ?feel-good? hormones. Overall, sex is also responsible for reducing stress and other such medical conditions that can be caused due to stress. Through this all-inclusive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need about the loss of libido and how the doctor can restore it.

Herpes Treatment

HSV is the herpes simplex virus. It is a virus that affects the mouth or genitals and other areas. There are two types of HSV. One type leads to a cold sore on the lips, while another seems as small bumps on the skin with blisters. A doctor for herpes treatment is someone who specializes in treating these different types of this virus.

HSV 1 causes oral herpes and affects the skin around it.

HSV 2 causes genital herpes and can easily be transmitted from one person to another through intercourse.

Although this is not curable, an infected person can learn how to manage the condition by taking the necessary precautions. A herpes doctor specialist in Delhi will help.

Syphilis Specialist Doctor

Syphilis is an infection that is sexually transmitted. Caused by the Treponema Pallidum bacteria, syphilis diagnosis is often challenging. This is because there may not be any symptoms for years. Visiting a specialist doctor in Delhi/NCR at the earliest will result in the treatment, which would keep you and others you come into contact with safe.

A small, painless sore is one of the first signs of syphilis. Most people ignore or do not notice this sore, known as a chancre. The sore appears at the spot through which the syphilis bacteria entered your body. It can appear on your sexual organs, inside your mouth, or in the rectum.

Syphilis can only be spread by direct contact with a person who may have syphilis. It cannot be spread through clothes, sharing utensils, or shared toilets.

Chlamydia Infection Treatment

Most people are not aware of the early signs and symptoms of Chlamydia. The best way to prevent this infection is to find and regularly use a doctor who will be able to provide you with tests even after the infection has gone.

Nearly 70% of men and 90% of women do not even realize they need to undergo the chlamydia infection treatment in Delhi until it progresses to the extent where other symptoms are seen. The doctor for chlamydia infection in Delhi treats the condition as soon as possible to ensure or prevent any other serious condition.

Genital Warts

If you are suffering from the problem of Genital Warts this article will help you to get a better understanding of your medical condition and will also help you find the best cure for the problem of genital warts. 

Genital warts are very common and are caused by certain types of HPV. Genital warts is common sexually transmitted infection passed through vaginal, oral or anal sex. Genital warts affect both Men and women.

You can see a general physician, but they will probably refer to a sexual health clinic if they think you have genital warts. Sexual health clinic is the right place to treat the problem of genitals and urine system. 

Generally at a sexual health clinic the warts are examined by looking at them. The doctors will ask you about the symptoms faced by you and your sexual partners. The doctors may also need to look inside your vagina, anus or urethra depending upon where the genital warts are located.  


In simple terms, STDs and STIs are conditions a person generally acquires through sexual contact. They can pass on through one person to another via unprotected sexual intercourse or sexual activity. People who have multiple sex partners are at a higher risk of catching these diseases or infections. Let’s take a detailed look at this. 

STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. If a person has unprotected anal, vaginal, or oral sex with a person who has an STD, they are highly likely to catch an STD. Some common STDs include Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HIV / AIDS, etc. This is the most concise and simple answer to what are STDs.

If you’re thinking about what are STIs, STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. STIs can transfer from an infected person to a healthy person via unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Some examples of STI include hepatitis B, herpes, balanitis, penile yeast infection. 

Male infertility

In today’s era there is no certain lifestyle being practiced by the people and there is no certainty in the type of a routine that they follow hence the problems like Male infertility, genital warts, premature ejaculation, etc are quite common.

Male infertility is the inability of a male to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. male infertility is generally due to deficiencies in male semen.

In general terms it is when a health issue in male partner reduces the chances of a fertile female from becoming pregnant. It has been observed that 13-14 couples out of 100 are unable to produce children because the male partner is suffering from male infertility. Male infertility also accounts for 50% of infertility cases.

Male infertility can be cured by medication and a slight change in lifestyle but it is very necessary to choose the right type of treatment. Sidri international provides for the best treatment for problems related to skin Hair and Sexology with natural elements of Ayurveda.

Low Sperm Count

Lower sperm count as the name already mentions means that you have less sperm than normal in your semen which you ejaculate while having an orgasm. Having a lower sperm count could reduce the chances of the female partner getting pregnant. 

A person is said to have a lower sperm count if they have a count of less than 15 million sperm per ml of semen. 10 out of 75 couples who have problems in conceiving are suffering from a low sperm count.

Low Sperm count is a problem that has been increasing at an alarming rate due to the lifestyle pattern of the people. In this chaotic era where people do not pay heed to peaceful healing Dr. Monga clinic provides for Ayurvedic treatment which heals from within and also has a soothing effect on the brainiac and the body.

HIV Treatment

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency virus. It’s a virus that breaks down certain cells in your immune system. When HIV Damages your Immune system it gets easier to get really sick and even die from infections that your body could normally fight off. 

There are about 1.1 million people living in this world who are affected by HIV. Mostly HIV does not have any symptoms for many years and feel totally fine, so they are mostly not even aware that they have it. 

One a person has HIV, the virus stays in the body for life. There is no cure for HIV, but medicines can help a person in staying healthy. HIV medicines are known to lower or almost stop the virus from spreading to other people.