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Anal Fistula specialist in Faridabad

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Anal Fistula specialist in Faridabad

Kshar Sutra : The Best Ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in Faridabad

Anal fistula treatment in Faridabad | It generally requires surgery as they rarely heal if left untreated.The main procedure includes a procedure (fistulotomy) that involves cutting open the fistula so it heals into a flat scar

Ayurveda shashtrokt believes that anal fistula is a surgically curable condition. Para-surgical procedures like ksharasutra and agnikarma are also recommended for its management.

Along with surgical treatment, basic diet and lifestyle changes can help relieve the symptoms.

anal fistula treatment
anal fistula doctor in faridabad

Kshar sutra ligation:  Kshara Sutra therapy is a minimal invasive ayurvedic procedure and tested ayurvedic technique for the management of anorectal disorders including anal fistula and other sinus diseases. The Kshara Sutra is inserted in the fistula with the help of a probe and both ends of the Kshara Sutra are tied together. The Kshara Sutra is replaced by a new one after an interval of one week. The Kshara Sutra gradually cuts and heals the tract. Finally the whole fistulous tract heals after cutting.

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Kshar Sutra for anal fistula in faridabad


Recommended diet includes cow milk, butter, buttermilk, wheat, ghee, rice, green vegetables and regular diet. Avoid chilies, fried foods and constipating foods.


Sitz baths (sitting bath with medicated warm water) are beneficial. Avoid constant sitting and excessive straining during defecation.

Anal Fistula treatment without surgery in Faridabad

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