After becoming a parent, a big change in sex life definitely takes place, but the myths related to it are also easily spread. People spread many myths which have nothing to do with the truth even far and wide. Many myths spread many misconceptions. Many times it is also said that when you become a parent after getting married, there is hardly any sex after that. People lose interest in sex, similar rumors spread.

Although it is also true that after becoming a parent, people do not have sex as before. People spend more time taking care of their children, but this does not mean that people get away from sex. If there is excitement, then people have sex. Even if you have become a parent. Come, let’s know what myths people face after becoming parents…

Having children kills desire

  • In the months after childbirth, it becomes a difficult task to create excitement in women. Women prefer to stay away from sex for many days. But parents need to know that it’s not forever. Yes, having a baby will change sex. But different doesn’t always mean bad.
  • The birth of a child does not end the sex desire of any person forever. You should not pay any attention to this rumour. This is just a rumour. But women start staying away from sex for a short time. She gives maximum time to her child. On the other hand, men want to have sex with their partner. In such a situation, he also creates the mood of his partner and enjoys sex with them. People stay away from sex for just a few days, but after some time everything is fine.

Impossible to find time for sex after kids

  • When people become parents, then people give more time to their children. They are able to give less time to each other. But after becoming parents, many myths say that people do not find time for sex. But that’s not true at all. Yes, it is definitely that after having a child, people spend less time with each other.
  • Parents also make time for sex. This is also needed by their body and it makes their relationship even better. Partners begin to focus on having sex in different ways. He pays more attention to schedule sex. With which he spends one day having sex. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t even have time to have sex. Penning sex as a planner may seem unnatural, but sometimes it does. Many people look at schedule sex with a bad eye. But let us tell you that scheduled sex can be quite exciting. Not only is this better, but with scheduled sex, you will also be able to give time to your partner completely.

There is a wrong effect on children,
if you also think so, then you are thinking very wrong. Having sex does not affect the children. When children grow up, they must also be given proper sex education. After having a child, the parents do not have sex with the children, rather they spend their personal time.

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